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Friday, October 02, 2009


Sunday Paper

Years ago I was the co-anchor of a public affairs program called “Sunday Papers”. It was so much fun to produce. The head honcho was the news director where I was the afternoon anchor. We basically did an interactive audio version of, what else, the Sunday Paper. I still remember the call letters: KNAC-FM, 105.5

We used a new comedy album excerpt for the Comic section, I reviewed a book/interviewed an author of a new book for the Book section, we talked about new restaurants and places to visit or the Travel section-I’m pretty sure you get the general idea.

As a “radio” person, I assumed that this was as close as I’d ever come to getting anything in the actual Sunday newspaper. You know what happens when you “assume” something-right?

Happily, even though it is now almost 30 years later-I will have the lead article in this week’s Sunday edition of the OC Register! Yes-in fact, if all goes as planned, my story will be the lead.

And it will be for such a wonderful cause-the Orange County Children’s Book Festival.

Anyone who knows me knows I feel very loving toward the printed word, especially those found in books. They teach, entertain, take you into places that both excite and calm you-there is just nothing quite as wonderful as reading a book. So to have a feature in the Sunday edition on such a great topic is pretty much a dream come true.

I wanted to share this with those of you who come here on any type of basis (regular or sporadic) and enjoy my own weekly musings.
Since we are talking about the world of books and writing, I also had another surprise happen this week. I’ve been waiting for about 6 weeks for a book from someone who wrote about how to get a smart baby. I guess he doesn’t really care about selling the book or being interviewed because his PR person got sick of my repeated requests and sent him my address. (Turns out that he decided to take a 2 month leave from dealing with the press!)

I found a box on my front doorstep. I of course thought it finally had to be the long sought after book. Nope. It was actually better! Yes-inside the box was a hardcover Taste at Home Holiday and Celebration Cookbook with a letter of explanation telling me that on page 112 was my recipe for Cauliflower-Mashed Potatoes. They got the introductory story wrong, but my name was spelled correctly and they also spelled my hometown right-so all is good for me!

It’s true what they say about publicity-there really is no bad press if your name is spelled correctly.

This is the 3rd book of theirs that includes one of my recipes. Last week I couldn’t think of a thing to write-this week seems to be a totally different side of the proverbial coin!

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