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Friday, February 15, 2008



What makes a subject popular? I’m rather curious. Personally, I love reading about things that I can relate too. Parenting, grand parenting, menopause, arthritis woes, cooking, baking, good books, et cetera….

There are weeks when I don’t know what I’m going to write about until I sit down and start typing. Those weeks, I must admit, my original idea somehow does a complete 180, just because something else occurs to me while my fingers are flying across the keyboard.

Sometimes I feel as if I’m boring my readers. Too much talk of aches and pains and all that accompanies them. Too much sentimental drivel about what’s going on within the confines of my own life. And then there are the weeks when I’m feeling downright sarcastic and share my take by being downright cranky.

What I love to see is the reactions, or lack there of, on whatever I’ve chosen to share.

Since these posts run on a few sites, in similar but changed versions, I’m always amazed that where one site may have absolutely no comments, another one will have a couple of dozen or some will find a way to send me a personal e-mail! I never know what will happen-and it’s the anticipation that makes the week interesting. I love it!

When I’ve really thought long and hard about something and have worked on a particular entry-I’m wondering: what will you all think?

One of the most popular subjects I write about seem to be the ones where I discus my ever escalating age and the infirmities that have burgeoned because of it. I’m imagining that it’s due to the fact that everyone out there is commiserating with my personal misery. That or you all laughing at me.

Believe me, I’m not going to discus the latest (and what better be the last) medical procedure I went through-NO MATTER HOW HARD YOU ALL BEG!

The least read columns seem to be the ones that are ones on serious subjects. Yes, I get some comments, but it’s as if all you wonderful readers come here to get away from dealing with the less than fun parts of the real world.

If a question is posed, more often than not-I get less of a response. Is it because you like to keep me guessing? Or am I becoming too aggressive in my own need to please you?

Now that I have been writing these columns for over a year and a half-I’d love to know which subjects do you enjoy popping in and taking a few moments away from your daily tasks and reading about? Is there something you’d like me to touch base on or, like me, do you just like to see what I’ll come up with next?

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