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Thursday, September 05, 2013


Forget Socks! Where Does the Pet Fur Go?

Where Does the Pet Fur Go?


When our kids were little we had a white cat, Snowy and a German shepherd mix, Lucky.  They both were “shedders”.  It never bothered me.  But Steve would “lose it” at almost every meal because he would find a piece of fur or two in his plate.


Maybe it’s because I truly love the fur kids, but my stock answer was, “You know, you should be happy!  They only share with those they love.”


The kids would snicker and Steve would grimace.  Our home had lots of wood and during many of those years I either worked part-time out of the home or was a full time stay-at-home-mom.  Part of my daytime routine was to get out the floor vacuum and go over all the floors.  This was followed by getting out the carpet vacuum and going over them.  


Snowy shed white, Lucky shed black-our floors were a lovely shade of gray.


When our beloved first round of fur kids went to heaven we rescued Sunshine.  Does anyone realize how much fur one lab/golden retriever mix can shed and still have a full coat?  There wasn’t a day that I didn’t sweep, vacuum and do little hand “pick-ups” during all our wonderful 14 years with her.  And when Pepper came into the mix-well, it’s just too bad that I didn’t have the presence of mind and the ability to do something with all that fur!


(As a sad note, Sunshine left us almost 2 years ago.  We still miss her even with “new” Lucky to love)


Now we have Pepper and Lucky.  Pepper has never actually shed all that much, but even with her very sleek coat Lucky does.  However, outside of my clothes-I don’t actually know where it all goes.


Part of it is definitely on the area rug in the family room-I know this because Steve seems proud to show me the canister every time he vacuums.  But the bedroom rug?  No.  The bed?  Strangely enough-no!  The little dear sleeps under the sheets right next to me every night and yet-when I clean out the dryer filter-no fur!  Pepper sleeps with us too-so between them why is there not a single gray or brown piece of fur?


Can it all be going onto one area rug and my clothes?


I’m starting to make the analogy to “where do all the missing socks go?”  We know they go someplace, but do we ever really know where?  My impression is that someday will I find all our missing footwear covered in tabby and Chihuahua fur bursting out of some unknown hole in the house.


Until then, I haven’t heard Steve mention that he misses the “extra” loving on his dinner plates.

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