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Friday, January 22, 2016


May I Stay for Lunch?

EEEKKKK!!!  That's what I have got to say about this experience!

My morning had turned quite upside down-so I'm guessing that this was just another rotation of a sort.

In the mornings, 10 a.m., a couple of neighbors and I take Lucky for a 2-1/4 mile power walk.  This morning Adam called and needed my help, so I cancelled that but kept my very much needed appointment for a haircut.

Actually, I washed my mop and did the usual comb through and it looked pretty darn good for a person who hadn't had a trim in 8 weeks, but I digress.

Anyway, helped our son, got my haircut and got home.  It was a gorgeous 65, sunny and no wind.  Got in and hooked up Lucky and decided that I really should get my daily exercise in.  Off we went!

We were doing pretty well and about a two minute walk until we SHOULD have hit the corner of our home when what should I spy?  Come on, you know you're dying to ask and find out!

I saw what I thought was a dog. 

It most certainly was in the canine family-but NO, it was a coyote sitting there on the corner of my property!  Not just one either-nope, it's mate (presumably) came out from behind the shrub it was hiding in. 

Since they hadn't actually spotted Lucky and I, I grabbed my pooch and turned the other direction and went and carried her around the entire tract to get into the house from the other way.  Also, I figured that the extra 3/4 mile would give them time to leave or a car/neighbor/rescue squad to scare them away.

Thankfully our neighbor did all three and got a picture to boot.

Didn't put Lucky on the ground until we were safely inside with the various doors and locks shut, locked and sealed tight.

Wow-no wonder Lucky's hair has been going "Mohawk" for the last few evenings-she's probably been smelling them.

Just another day of living in the Sonoran Desert...  

I'm Ready For Spring

While I totally and completely realize that we here in Arizona have NOTHING to complain about weather wise-I'm still ready for Spring's arrival.  In lieu of it, I'm just ready for the wind and the accompanying chill factor to warm up.

Since the New Year, a couple of neighbors and I have been meeting at about 10 a.m. for a power walk.  The first week was a total bust.  We "powered" through Monday in 42 degrees and strong winds.  I think it took us the rest of the day to thaw and feel our extremities.  Poor Lucky!  I carried her 1/2 the way (hey, she's 6 lbs and has a bad back-don't judge) back home.

The rest of that week was rain, rain and more rain-all with super strong and cold winds.  We each used either our treadmills or the gym we pay for through our HOA.

Since then a few of the mornings have hit maybe 65, but the chilly winds took that wonderful sunny warmth away and made for a very tough walk.  I kid you not-we were constantly being blown back and trying to lean into the wind.

Take today,  I put on a couple of layers of clothing and a hoodie.  I added some gloves and some earmuffs (Yes, for constantly cold me this was necessary).  I put on Lucky's cute heart patterned fleece hoodie as well.  My neighbor and her mother-in-law (visiting) met me.  They too were bundled up. 

We stayed on the "sunny side" of the block.  As if the sunny side would feel warmer when the temperature was 52 and per my Weather Channel app-the wind was blowing at 20 MPH and made the air feel "45".

Either way, we leaned into the wind and pushed on for the complete 2-1/4 mile circuit we've created for ourselves.

As we parted ways to go to our homes Steve drove by and stopped-"Did you want to keep walking in this wind or do you want to hop in and I take you home?"  I kissed him good-bye and said it was only another 1/4 mile and after the week filled with lots of family, food and fun-I really needed every single step! 

That said, first thing I did when I finished turning off the security system, un-dressing the dog and myself and putting my keys, phone, etc. down was to turn on some hot water in the sink and defrost my hands enough to write this hopefully entertaining blog for you. 

Now I'm going to go pour myself some of the rest of the pot of coffee I made for breakfast, heat it up and warm the rest of me while reading what appears to be the bonus of the day-I have an issue of the newspaper!  Can I hear a woot, woot? 

(Not actually sure, because my ears are still frozen even with the adorable blue flowered earmuffs my daughter gave me.)

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