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Friday, November 12, 2010


Don't be afraid-Spice Up That Dressing

want to spice things up-at least the stuffing/dressing part of your upcoming Thanksgiving dinner?

Try this:  

Dear Possible Employer

As most of you who read this blog know-I’ve been out of a day job for almost 26 very long months. At first, I was excited-really. My feeling was that I’d use the time to really step up my free lance writing career.

Here’s the problem-free lance writing has become a terribly underpaid and underappreciated job because of the downturn of the economy. I’ve have sent in more queries, information packets and references only to be turned down or ignored.

Realizing that a normal “day job” wasn’t out of the realm of possibilities, I’ve been like everyone else and have applied to other more traditional businesses and received the same treatment.

Now there are articles written all the time about how we, as applicants, should conduct ourselves-what to do, what not to do, what to accentuate, what to leave off. All kinds of tips!

But-WHAT ABOUT ALL OF THOSE PEOPLE WHO INTERVIEW THE APPLICANTS??? Has anyone EVER seen or read a story about how to treat those in front of your desk, on the phone or at whatever venue you’ve asked them to meet you at?

Personally, I’ve never noticed one. But I think there definitely should be some guidelines to follow.

With this in mind-here are just a few suggestions:

Dear Possible Employer,

When someone applies for a position within your firm, they are doing so because they need and want a job. Please realize that even when we are confident about our talents and want to make the best of impressions-we are nervous. Some of us may say too much or not listen enough.

If we’ve been out of work for an extended time, we’ve dressed to the best of our budget’s ability. More than likely, we’ve spent funds we don’t have on things like a manicure-so you won’t think us unkempt. We’ve made sure that we also had a haircut or trim to look our best. Please don’t give us unseen demerits because we’re not in designer outfits or have more than a few gray hairs.

If we apply for one job that we know would best show off our talents and you decide to tell us about another one-we will do our best to be what you want BUT don’t rule us out of the original position! What we want is a chance to earn a decent living doing what we do best.

Which brings me to another point-do you know how worried we our about our futures, our finances, our families? We all realize most of you don’t care, but if the shoe were on the other foot- how would you like be put through numerous interviews and tests, spend money we don’t have driving to accommodate you to faraway places for a chance at a job-only to find out that half-way (or even less) through you had absolutely no desire to hire us?

And just like you-we all talk. Yes, while you’re dishing and making fun of us behind our backs about how many hoops you can make us jump through-we also start calling colleagues and comparing notes about how we were treated and if your techniques were for all of us or just a random few.

Last-remember, you presently have the power, but in this economy that may not last. Someday soon-you could be on the side of the interview where you are trying with every breath of your soul to be someone’s “perfect choice”-only to be told no.

Who knows what life has in store-maybe, just maybe that person will be me.

And then what will be your reaction to the eventual coming of that proverbial full circle?


Job Applicant #794

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