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Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Time To Heat Up the Treadmill

Time to Use the Treadmill


Besides our grandson Aidan graduating k-garten last week, Steve and I learned something very important about our Chihuahua Lucky.


As many of you have gathered-it gets mighty HOT around here.  In fact, we’ve been in the triple digits for a couple of weeks already.  Because of this at this time last year, poor Lucky had to stay indoors-save going out to do her business.  Let’s face it-I didn’t want to brave 115 to walk my 2+ miles either.


Our self-imposed prison sentence started the end of May and our release date was the end of September.  I used the treadmill.   Lucky put on 1-1/2 pounds!  It was a bummer for both of us.


Since then we've been looking for protective booties so we could continue our outdoor walks over the summer. Steve and I found a pair at the mom-and-pop dog wash and pet boutique that’s up the road a couple of miles.  We were so excited!  After all, she loves her sweatshirt, sweater and fleece coat for our brief winter temps-this should go over well!


Well, we did get the front 2 on-she looked at us as if we were total nut jobs. Nevertheless, we then decided to try and get the back ones secured-we heard a low, "grrr".   We stopped.   Our thought was that she might go for this if she stands up with them on and sees her feet aren't hot.  


Nope, Lucky stood there like a toddler trying on shoes for the first time.  We busted out laughing at the entire process and the outcome.  Following gaining control of ourselves, we took off the booties and put them back into their original packaging.


 Guess what Steve did on his way to work the very next morning?   He returned the booties.


It’s back to the treadmill for me.  Back to watching me on the treadmill for Lucky.  Sigh.


I know I’m posting early this week-our daughters and I, Aidan, Jackson and Lucky are visiting our family in Orange County for the holiday weekend!


Enjoy your families and see you next week!

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