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Friday, November 02, 2018


Cousins are Also Besties  

Is it 2019 Yet?

I am so over this year.  A dear friend of mine and I have been commiserating for the last few years about all our immediate families have been going through.  She's lost both parents, her husband lost and found a new job, her working 3 times as hard to make 1/2 the money as a free lance writer than she did 20 years ago and all the rest.  Me?  Lost a parent, put one in Memory care, nearly died, still just trying to keep my "health" head above water.  Loads of other things as well.

Dylan didn't want to miss out on Halloween fun, so he didn't tell Sarah that he had fallen off the monkey bars and came down really hard on his left wrist/hand.  Next morning Sarah saw the swelling and knew it was broken.

Yep, two bones.  Urgent Care gave her an orthopedic to go to for the hard cast.  Problem?  He couldn't see him for a week!  Really?  So this poor kid will have to have his wrist re-broken because you can't find time?

I gave her the name of my hand and shoulder surgeons and said to check them with her insurance.  Sure enough, our hand guy came to the rescue and saw him by the end of the day.  Gave him a nice waterproof cast.

Next week I have the fun of finding out just what my spine doctor will suggest next.  I am SO not going to have those cables installed in what's left of my bone structure, so it should be an interesting conversation.

Good news does happen!  My sister is coming for a visit!  We've got the room ready, some things planned-including a weekend girls' trip to Rocky Point with Sarah.  Sarah, our world renown traveler, planned this months ago.  At that point, I wasn't wearing a boot, my sister didn't know she was going to have shoulder surgery and who could've predicted what was next in the trials and tribulations of my health journey?

My GP told me that she was hoping a weekend away would actually be beneficial.  I'm a bit dubious.  I'm a total worrywart.  My mind is filled with:  What if I fall?  What if one of my fur babies needs me?  What if one of my meds is forgotten?

There are many more of these questions, but I'll stop right here.

I'm still missing water aerobics, however I'm meeting up with my girlfriend and her dogs most mornings.  I figure I may not be walking the usual 2-1/2 miles,  but at least I'm getting a lot of exercise.  Nothing prepares a body for walking in a cement shoe, pushing a stroller and hanging on to two dogs for over a mile.

Today's a half day of school for the kids, so I'll be busy.  Library, park and I'll go watch Jackson's soccer game.  I'm dreading the number of times I'll have to change from the boot to my shoe to accomplish these trips-at least I won't have to worry about boredom.

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