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Friday, May 29, 2015




Here’s hoping everyone had a meaningful Memorial Day weekend. 

I wound up going with Sam and Jackson (Lucky in tow) to Orange County.  Sam was going to be in her sister’s wedding, so once I was dropped off at my sister’s I didn’t see them until my duly noted pick up on Monday morning.


The entire week had started off on a pretty darned shaky note.  Poor Sam and Jackson had the stomach flu that Adam had given them.  They were okay but Adam re-lapsed to the point that he had to go to the ER and have several bags of fluid and shots to “stop things”.

We were supposed to leave Thursday but put it off until we saw he was capable of at least managing re-heating his chicken and rice soup that Sam had made him.

Leaving Friday allowed me to finish up my antibiotics for my bronchitis and sinus infection and Lucky was fortunate enough to have one more muscle relaxant left to help her endure the 8 hour drive.

Once I arrived at my sister’s I found her sick.  Our parents were also down with bronchitis and colds.  I didn’t see them at all and stayed on the other half of whatever area my sister was in. 

After all, once back in New River I had less than 2 days to “enjoy” my cervical epidural.

We arrived home by 5:30 on Monday.  Steve didn’t get home until almost 7 which actually gave me time to: empty and sort my laundry, feed the pets and even read the Sunday paper.

Tuesday had me doing all the fun stuff that I hadn’t done all weekend:  laundry, the dishwasher (I had left it empty but now it was somehow full and all the dishes were NOT rinsed) and I had to go buy some produce.

Had to be asleep fairly early Tuesday night since my check in time at the surgicenter was 7:30 a.m..

I have to say, with all the epidurals I’ve endured over the years-somehow I’ve never had one scheduled for my actual cervical discs.  I was nervous.  No real need, they gave me valium and used enough lidocaine that after the first of four lines were inserted I didn’t know what happened until I heard the doctor say “one more line to come out and we’re done!”

By the time I got home after we had some breakfast I was tired but feeling a lot better than when I went in!

As I write this-my neck hasn’t felt this little pain since before the first truck nearly killed me and because of that by shoulder and elbow are in a lot less pain.  I’m also feeling that pinky finger!  I’m still a bit tired from a less than stellar night of sleep and a tad nauseous, but all in all-I do hope this improvement stays and continues on an upswing!


Thanks to a wonderful group of nurses and an even better spine surgeon along with his assistant.

It’s good to know you’ve finally found the right medical staff to help you through what seems to be the journey that life has brought you!  And now-Here comes Summer!!!

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