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Friday, February 23, 2018


Kind of "Nice"

This week was quite different!  Instead of our days off consisting of just the usual errands, we had a lot of doctors appointments-but not for me!

Nope this week it was all about Steve.  Not that pleasant for him, but it was nice to be the one on the other side of the various procedures and discussions for a change.

Right off the bat was Monday-he switched his usual "closing" shift at work to come home and enjoy the "fun" of prepping for a colonoscopy.  He's a real pro at this procedure.  This time around he had some polyps removed and was told that it would be in his best interest to NOT have Chompie's deli food for his first meal in 2 days.

Did he listen?  Sort of.  We didn't go to Chompie's, but we did get a coupon and meet the younger Nadels for breakfast at Denny's.  He was doing pretty well until later that afternoon when he really got tired.

Next morning-it was off to the dentist for a check on his new crown and a cleaning.  After that came our errands and picking up the boys.

Last week Steve started symptoms of "trigger finger", so he set up a time to meet with my hand guy.  Problem-we got there and it was actually for Friday, not Thursday.  Seems the scheduler had it in her mind that the day he called was Thursday, not Wednesday!  At least he could still make the appointment.

Since we were already so close and it was time for our bi-yearly jewelry check and we were close to Chompie's we went for breakfast, walked around the mall (we've been having some very cold days here) and then went to Jared's.  They're very honest and wonderful there.

After removing the totality of my diamond wear and Steve handed over his band we were informed all were "gucky".  After a good soak and steam, they were checked.  Thankfully all but my wedding band got the thumb's up sign.

After 17 years, my channels had worn down and were in need of re-building.  Ack!  Steve immediately said, "Let's just wait until we get to our cruise and we'll trade it in for a new one."

Excuse me, but I really, really LOVE my set just the way it is!  Solitaire is fine.  So I suggested that we see exactly what we get for the trade-in.  Seems that to get something similar in style I would love half of the carat weight and the setting looked thinner to start with that what was needing replacement.

Steve asked the jeweler, "If it were you and your wife would you fix or replace?"

Ever honest, he said he'd repair and I'd be happy for another 17 years.  Done.  Hopefully will see my band back on Saturday.

Then came the next morning, Steve was off bright and early to see the hand guy.  As expected, he gave him a shot of steroids.  Not pleasant.  Told him to take it easy with his hand for the next few days and to listen to his wife on "handy" tips on how to care for hands that are aging.

Now I'm off to do a couple of errands and then to Dylan's school to watch some kind of program.  If I'm lucky, I'll be able to make it through the program which, for some reason, is being held outdoors.


Later, my girlfriend and I will walk the dogs.  We've been having to wait until almost 2 because of the frigid temps.  Not snow or ice, no rain, but the wind and chill factors are just not that pleasant for an asthmatic and a person with a spore filled lung.

Off we go!

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