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Friday, December 15, 2017


Nearing the End of Another Year

I'm thinking of taking a bit of time off.  We're coming to the end of yet another "fun" year.  Which is obviously a subjective term of what you consider to be enjoyable.

This has truly been a tough year.  We've had some great things happen as well-let's face it, the higher power you personally believe in seems to be able to throw in a wrench and a bonus to keep us all both on our toes and balanced.

At this moment, poor Bryce has the dreaded croup.  The wind around here doesn't help anyone with any kind of pulmonary issues.  Doesn't matter if they are ongoing or permanent. On the flip side of our gales, we are still enjoying temps in the mid-70's.

As I'm writing this, I'm waiting for a dear friend to let me know when she's through with her job as a crossing guard so we can meet for coffee.  "I'll be needing it!  This wind is horrific."

Told her I totally understand.  Wind has never been my friend.  It kills my RA.  And now without any meds stronger than some Naprosyn, I just plain HURT. And then there's what it does to my spore-ridden lung.  Ugh!

Steve's allergies are in full gear.  It's like sleeping with a growling grizzly bear.  Another thing I could really use besides pain relief and oxygen-sleep.

The "girls" hate the wind.  Sunshine's been wearing her thunder jacket to get through the anxiety of it all.  Lucky has to be pushed out the door to do the potty thing.  All the while, the "old guy" Pepper is pretty much teasing the heck out of them.  I swear he's both laughing and giving them raspberries about have "indoor" plumbing in 2 spots for his sole use.

We even put on blankets on the bed!  The sheet wasn't cutting it anymore.  Our home is very well insulated, so the heater has only been put on to make sure it works.  At some point, I'm pretty sure the chilly morning crispness will invade the premises, but not yet.  We've even been told we have a chance at some rain this Sunday.

Good-we really need it since our monsoon season was a total bust.

Sunday we are all gathering here for Hanukkah.  I'm preparing a traditional brisket and potato latkes.  Sam is making one of her delicious salads and I'm going to have Aidan (our budding chef) help me make the homemade baked donuts.  They won't be jelly filled, but I've got the required frosting and fun colored sprinkles.  All four kids love their sprinkles!

As you can tell by the photo I posted, we even took out the menorah this year!

I may or may not post until the first of the year, depending what happens around here.  That said,
I want to wish every single one of you a very happy and healthy holiday season and the best of New Year's.  Here's to 2018!

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