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Friday, June 16, 2017


Meeting Up With My Past

I thought before I wish all the dads in cyberspace a very Happy Father's Day-I'd tell you about my latest "Blast from the Past" event!  Nothing like one of Stacia Deutsch's kids time travel books, but still the title fits.

About two years ago I somehow found a place on my FaceBook site that had some in-read and actually never before known about private messages to me just sitting there!  The others were junk, but one was from my best friend in 3rd and 4th grade!

They were a Navy family and lived just 3 doors down from my family in Los Alamitos.  There were 4 kids.  The eldest was a girl just my age and we became very fast friends.  Here only brother was about 2 years younger.  Then came her younger sisters that were about the same age as my "little" sister.  All four parents became fast friends as well. 

Once they moved, we stayed in touch until we were about 17.  Remember, there was no such thing as the internet-just plain old snail mail and dial-up phones.

Speed up about 40 or so years-and thanks to Google, Facebook and a bit of a nudge from NPR my friend found me!

We started e-mailing each other after I explained how I had been thinking about her and wondering if I could find her!  We seem to be taking up right where we had left off.

About three months ago she let me know that she and a close friend would be visiting another friend and hoped we could get together.  We made plans to meet at Steve and my favorite breakfast/brunch place in Scottsdale-Eggstasy. 

(If any of you are ever in our neck of the woods-this is a must try!  We have two others for your morning meal as well!)

Believe it or not-outside of looking older, we still look the same.  We could've easily picked each other out of a crowd and known that it was us.  Of course my other bestie and I said the same thing.  Thinking about the facts that three women look the same as when they were not even teenagers could either be considered a really good thing or pathetic...

Back to our day with my past.  "Dede" and I were non-stop chatterboxes and Steve and Dede's significant other, Gary got along quite well.  We met at 8:30 in the morning and finally had to part at 4 p.m.

"Had too", mainly because Adam had been pottying the dogs for us and they now needed to be fed-as did Pepper.  Then we were also booked to watch Jackson and Bryce for the evening while Adam and Sam went out their monthly dinner club/date night!

It was a wonderful day-only wished we could've had more time with them!  Here's hoping there's a way in the near future to see my childhood friend again soon!  Since we have no cruise booked in 2018-maybe we'll plan that anniversary for the east coast?

And now may I wish a very Happy Father's Day to any dad/grandpa reading this and especially to my own dad, Steve and our son Adam!

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