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Friday, October 25, 2013


Social Networking

Social Networking

It’s not what you think.  I’m not talking about FaceBook or Twitter.  I’m talking about real, in the flesh, social networking!

There was a neighborhood potluck and watch party this past weekend and I went!  Steve was working, so he missed the whole thing.  Too bad, I for one was happy to go.


Plus, I had no idea-our community actually has a website for us to post requests, ideas, if we have something to sell, if we find a lost pet, etc.  It turns out that we live in a very nice tract!  It’s just that everyone is busy and obviously leading their own lives.


One of the major things is that a lot of people lost their homes and the ones that were able to remain don’t want to get attached to renters that seem to leave after 6 months.  I understand it-but still, I’d like to get to know people.


Going to this potluck allowed me to meet some of the people and learn about my home!  I even met the man who was bidding against us and lost out to our all-cash offer.  I heard that the first owner lost the house to the woman who basically did a flip after trying to rent this place.


I’ve personally never heard of someone “flipping” a house with the ugliest colors in the world on the walls, but for us it turned out to be quite a boon.

When I post this, one neighbor will be joining me for coffee.  I’m looking forward to having some social connection to a real live person.  And guess what?  Our next door neighbors-it’s not that they aren’t nice, just have their plates overflowing.

They’re newlyweds.  He works two jobs because he’s still trying to sell his house from before the marriage.  She’s working two jobs as well AND she’s a freelance writer!!!!


We’ve been exchanging e-mails trying to find a time to meet in person.  In the meantime, we’re learning quite a bit about the areas publications and the various questionable ethics they had out to us writers.


I’ve suggested that perhaps we start a welcoming committee of some sort-just so new neighbors don’t feel as if the others here aren’t deliberately snubbing them.  Now that I’ve met people and the weather’s cooled down, it’s nice to be able to say “hello” and chat with people as Lucky and I take our morning walks.

As with all things, getting to know my neighbors just took some time and a great block party!

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