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Friday, November 20, 2009


Birthday #52

Well, I did it-I went and turned 52. I wouldn’t say it was painless. I have no sciatic nerve-actually I do have one and it is KILLING ME. I seem to also have problems staying awake to see 10 o’clock programming.

I don’t think that’s entirely an age thing-I’m blaming that on running around after 2 toddlers, 2 pets and lord only knows how many tramodols. Plus, I’ve had a lot of stories to write and YOU try doing that while doing all of the above.

However, with all of that said I have some great things happen for this birthday-mainly, I have my beloved whirlpool tub.

Oh yes, I had to nearly die of pain and let the project supervisor see me look like one of Picasso nightmarish portraits, but my tub (and 90% of the surrounding bathroom) is installed. And here’s the even better part-I used it!

Yes, I used my NEW dimmer switch on my NEW canned lights. I filled my NEW tub with my NEW tub filler. I plugged my NEW tub by closing my NEW tub drain. I filled it up to the NEW overflow and got in it. Then I pushed the NEW power button.

Voila-7-1//2 years of wishing for this tub culminated! And it was everything I had imagined. Yes-I said everything. I had my massage jets rotating on my shoulders and lower back, I had the directional jets on my hips and feet, I rested my arms on the arm rests. My NEW inline heater kept my water a nice “aahhh” 103 degrees. I didn’t even light my NEW candles or turn on music.

Nope, I just laid there-enjoying the full meaning of 20 minutes alone.

I earned that tub and the 20 minutes.

That said-by the time you read this-my husband will be packing the grandkids into the PT Cruiser with their things, an overnight bag for him and some luggage for me and he’ll drive us to Phoenix where we will take the most adorable little munchkins to their parents and their new home. I’ll be staying there to aid in the transition of them being with their parents’ full time.

They will have a new home, new beds, new surroundings and new day care. A lot of NEWS for them too.
Then come Wednesday night-it will be their turn to take me back home and join us for Thanksgiving. Then the little family will go back, for good, to their new digs.

Doesn’t seem right does it-having Thanksgiving and then going home? On the other hand, I’m quite thankful that my daughter and son-in-law have good jobs to be grateful for, a home to live in and their kids firmly back into their happy possession. And I’ll put in that my son and his wonderful fiancé also have a home of their own, good jobs and two furry kids of their own to be grateful for. So even though I’m a year older and my house a lot emptier-I guess this is really quite a lot to be thankful for after all.

May all of you have just as much to be grateful for as well.

Happy Thanksgiving one and all!

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