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Saturday, June 30, 2018



Recently I was asked to contribute to a book to encourage young women to strive for success:  

Bittersweet Holiday

This July 4th is rather bittersweet for me-the entire family really.

We normally celebrate my mom's birthday since she was born on the 5th.  This will be rather hard for us.  Adam, the kids and I are going out to visit my sister and dad for most of the week while Steve, Sam and Sarah along with the older grands stay here, holding down the "fort".

Adam wanted to do something with my dad, but we have no idea what he'll be like when he sees us.  My sister said she'll have a BBQ at her house for the holiday. We're hoping that it will distract dad enough that he'll be able to get through the couple of hours.

My sister and I really haven't grieved.  There was no funeral since my mom and dad chose the Neptune Society.  Any memorial service will be in the future.  So we're just more or less floating through this time.  We know it will hit us, but when?

Holidays are hard when you have a small family and realize it's getting smaller by the minute. Since both our parents had no siblings, my sister and I never had aunts, uncles or cousins.

So here we are, taking a trip to see what's left of our relatives.

I suppose in some way that's a type of Independence-maybe the kind you might not really want.

Hopefully yours will be a happy and safe one.

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