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Friday, August 16, 2019


5-1/2 Pounds of Love/Heartbreak

This is our very last photo of the most sweet and wonderful tabby, otherwise known as Pepper.
We loved him from the moment Sarah brought him and his little deformed front legs home and plopped him into my lap.

Just as loved as our late Goldie/lab Sunshine, we fell head over heels for him.  Sunshine thought of him as her very own baby.  She loved him until we lost her September 18, 2011.  

Today, unfortunately, Pepper has crossed the rainbow bridge to join his canine mom.  At 16 he leaves his own babies Lucky and Sunshine, his grieving parents, sisters and brother and 4 children who have loved him as much as he loved all of us.

Even though it's only been a few hours, there's a painful, empty hole in our hearts and our home.  

Steve and I were there with him, holding him, kissing him and sobbing.  Never has 5-1/2 pounds felt so heavy or large to lose.

We are heartbroken.  

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