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Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Mother's Day, Yet Again

I'm not at all sure that the way we celebrate Mother's Day is the way that was originally intended.  I'm pretty sure I agree with the notion that HallMark or American Greetings made up this holiday just so that scores of kids and spouses felt pressured into buying cards and then FTD added to this rather "well thought out" day by throwing in some guilt if you didn't buy and have them ship half-dead flowers to the person who more than likely both gave birth and raised you.

What I've noticed is that every year, because they work as commissioned sales people in the retail field, the adult males in my life work the entire day.

Can you guess what this means?  That means for our clan that it's the women (i.e. MOMS) who put together a celebratory dinner, serve it and then clean up the whole darned thing.

This year I texted the girls and asked, "If I defrost the ham in the freezer and to the table-are you up to bringing the side dishes?"

Oldest daughter said she already had a ham out that needed to be used and she'd bring the mashed cauliflower.  Younger daughter said she'll bring roasted green beans and salad.  Knowing everyone (save the patriarch of the Arizona clan) is watching sugars/carbs and fat, said I'd make the dessert as long as they let me know what was most liked in their homes.  Oldest daughter said she'll just make one of her sugar-free, high protein chocolate cakes.

All is FANTASTIC by me!  I'll provide the table settings, drinks, condiments and for anyone (I'm guessing our 4 grands will be over the moon on this part) who'd like some, ice cream.

Once he heard, Steve said when he got home he'd just have me create ham steaks out of the triangle of salty goodness and he'll grill them on what's left working on our ready-to-die grill. 

I've said it before and I'm sure I'll say it again:  Whatever the holiday, whatever work it entails, as long as all of us get together for a simple and tasty meal, it's all good.

When Father's Day rolls around in about 6 weeks, we women will still be the ones making sure we do actually get to celebrate. 

To all of you reading this, make sure that you cherish your moms-we're a lot older than you and there may come a day that we won't be able to make sure that these get-togethers keep happening, so come early, grab a utensil or dish rag and lend a much needed and appreciated hand to make the party just a little more fun than it is exhausting.

Happy Mother's Day!

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