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Friday, January 05, 2018


Happy 2018!

Here we all are-in the beginnings of a whole new year, seems as if last year had just begun.

While I did take some "writing" time off, I did post some pictures of what had been happening around here.

Somehow I managed to get through the long ride to California to visit both my sister's family and my parents.  I didn't drive for even a minute, but in my condition-just sitting for that many hours was bordering on "tortuous exhaustion".  Once there we didn't really do much, outside of going to lunch in Laguna Beach, family photos at Aliso Creek Beach and breakfast out just before we left to go back to Arizona.

Now Sarah and the kids along with her cousin did go see a family version of a drag show and dinner one night and everyone (except for my parents and me) went to Medieval Times for New Year's Eve.
My parents went home and I face-timed with Steve before crashing at 10:15.

Funny, my sister's dogs seemed to know I probably wouldn't sleep well without Lucky, Sunshine and Pepper-so they accommodated me by giving me their bodies the 3 nights I was there.  Since the bed was also one that belonged to Steve and I at some point, I was right at home.

On the way home we stopped at the Cabazon outlets to get shoes for the boys and again at Daniel's Fresh Jerky.  The later stop is one of our "must dos" when making this trip-they have some great hot sauces, dried fruits, veggies, nuts and of course:  FRESH JERKY!

Since we have enough hot sauce to last us for at least the next 5 years, I passed on bringing home anything.  Steve's supposed to cut back on salt/beef, etc... so I wasn't going to buy any of it.  Besides, Sarah bought enough of those items and specialty sodas for the two of us.

Next day was Steve's 61st birthday.  He had to work, in fact, he worked until closing.  Hopefully we will get to have our planned outing with the kids the coming week.  We had planned to go back to Top Golf when his work schedule was changed.  Boo, hiss.

Though exhausted, I went right back to walking the dogs, cooking, laundry and all those other domestic goddess activities.  Had the boys all Wednesday and Thursday too.  Friday had me going to an appointment with the cardiologist.

There were a few glitches that were actually unexpected there-but he told me that he's being rightfully cautious given my various issues and family history.  This is when my motto of "whatever" kicked in and we'll leave it at that.

Next week will be a busy one.  As usual I have a couple of trips to whomever the "doctor du jour" is and the boys will be with us not just the three afternoons, but for the weekend as well.  We're also getting some one on one time with the little ones on Saturday night.

2018 is shaping up (so far) to be a re-hash of 2017.  Let's just hope that it ends with the minor dull things and NONE of the trauma-ridden events.

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