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Thursday, March 28, 2019


No Matter What Age, Being an Orphan's Hard

Death is part of life.  But knowing it intellectually and feeling the loss is not easy.

Mom passed a year ago.  Dad, who was in the throws of the cruelest disease ever (Alzheimer's) knew enough to be miserable that his honey was gone and he didn't want to live.

And yet, he did-for a year and 11 days.

Our dad, the sweetest most caring man on the planet had become almost a ghost.  His body was there and in very bad shape, but it was his mind that was the worst to see go.

My sister, Felicia and I feel his passing was truly a blessing.  He was so unhappy and this last fall and the congestive heart failure was the end of his wanting to just be here on earth.  He refused to eat or drink.

We both did our crying, our grieving and all that comes with it when mom went into hospice on .  Christmas Day, 2017.  Of course, our mom fooled everyone and we were lucky enough to have her for another 14 months!  But we had gone through the loss process and we were just glad that she passed in her sleep, at home and in her bed-just the way she wanted.

Dad pretty much did the same.  He was in his memory care home and in his bed.  No hospital, no tubes, no one poking him.  So it was as peaceful as any death can be.

He almost made it to 90.

I love and miss you, Dad.  So happy you are now where you really want to be, with mom.  Hopefully there's an Indian casino in heaven and you both are having fun on a great poker machine together.

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