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Thursday, December 22, 2016


This Was Quite the Year!

It's hard to believe but 2016 has only moments left-and it feels as if it has just begun! I have no idea what happened to these past (almost) 12 months, but they have just zoomed by!

The year has been filled with both ups and downs and all around here in the Grand Canyon State. 

Some of the ups?  The year started with Steve turning 59.  In rapid succession, Dylan turned 9 and Aidan 8.  Then came our cruise so Steve and I could celebrate our 35th anniversary.  We came home and got some great new neighbors!

Adam, Sam and the kids moved into the "other" corner house on our block. 

Knowing that PT was both helping and hurting (the drive getting there really played havoc on my back and knees!) I switched it for fun in the pool and took up water aerobics at our community center.  Fortunately, around here-we were able to keep having fun until the end of November!

In the middle of walking with my friends here and the pool, my orthopedic said I had to cut back on all the walking.  Seems my knees are in a pretty bad state so the water aerobics and cutting back on the outdoor walking did help, but I was put through the arduous journey of having gel shots to the worst knee.  The epidurals in the back and neck have held me somewhat-at least enough to pay off the last round!

Jackson turned 3 in August.  Sarah, Adam and Sam all had birthdays as well.  In fact, Sam had the milestone #30!  I turned the page to the last year of my 50's just before Thanksgiving and our grand-daughter Bryce turned 1!!!  She's now walking, almost talking (okay, she's talking but we haven't quite caught on to more than "dog", "cat", "daddy", "mommy" and of course, NO) and according to the pediatrician-she's grown 2" since her 9 month appointment!

This year Hanukkah starts right on Christmas Eve.  Thankfully, Steve has both days off-woo hoo!  A whole weekend!

Then New Year's Eve will happen.  I'm rather an early riser thanks to my fur kids, so I rarely even make it till 11, let alone mid-night. 

It will be the last day for Steve to say he's in his 50's-shocker for us.  I mean, yes, we all have known that he's about to turn 60, but when it's actually happening, well, you still sit there in disbelief that we're really "senior citizens".

Since I will be doing a small celebration in honor of this milestone event-I bid you all a very Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, a wonderful Kwanzaa, all other celebrations that I know not of and without a doubt, I want to say:

May 2017 bring us all good health, happiness and fun times!

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