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Thursday, May 23, 2013


Hello, hello?

Smart?  Phone?


It is with great trepidation that I allowed my husband to drag me into our cell phone provider and make me choose a “smart phone”.  By now you have all realized that I make no effort to hide the fact that I am a complete technophobe.


So there I was in the store and the very nice salesman was trying to explain the differences between the Samsung, the LG and the IPhone.


I tried really hard to not zone out and look glazed over.  My husband just kept uttering his mantra of “this way you can learn to text and you can check your e-mails, FaceBook and even the news.”


Now, it was well air-conditioned in this store, but I felt clammy and my stomach hurt.  Our son said “that’s anxiety”. 


Don’t really care what it was-my head also hurt and it was about to explode!  The salesman just kept right on telling me about the camera’s megapixels, the Pandora capabilities and so much more.  Ack and double ACK!


I finally chose the “purple” one.  I did have another reason-my husband has the same one in white and my ulterior motive was “If I run into trouble, he could help me.” Then I realized something after the 3 hour long purchase-I did NOT have a clue how to dial the phone or retrieve messages.


By the time you read this I will have had the phone for almost 5 days.  I set a goal for myself-learn something new about my device every day.  It’s a good goal really.


Texting is something I’m still not so sure about.  I’m using the audio program to form the messages.  That’s good for quite a few laughs.  My first one was to our daughter.  She never got it-or so she said.


Then I tried one to our son.  He told me to edit things before hitting send.  I reminded him that I had already learned my “1” thing by finding the little microphone symbol and getting out the actual text.  Editing would have to follow at a later date.


So I gave up my simple phone that I could find my contacts, make calls and retrieve messages as well as take pictures.  I never did learn how to zoom in and out on the darned thing. 


Sigh, I had just learned how to put it in music mode. 


Challenges are good.  I think I’ll make that my own mantra until I figure out all the things this smart phone is capable of, for that matter, it might prove interesting to see just how capable I’ll be able to prove myself to be!

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