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Thursday, February 21, 2013


Rock-a-bye Baby

When Wishes Come True


When our son Adam was a toddler, he announced that I needed to go to the toy store and buy him a baby doll.  I certainly had no objections.  With his older sister in tow, we went to the local chain and while Sarah picked out a model with a pink onesie-he chose one of the same kind, but dressed in blue.


Before leaving, he also asked for a bottle and some diapers.  Sarah didn’t care-actually, she wasn’t really into dolls.  So I added a tiny bottle-in those days though, there were no packages of “doll diapers”, so I created some out of old dish towels and Velcro dots.  Luckily, we had lots of blankets.


You may be asking why.  Simple, Adam said he wanted to be a daddy and had to start practicing.


On Adam’s 10th birthday, I opened my day care business.  He loved helping.  He’d read stories to the kids, he helped with art projects, he’d create obstacle courses to help them learn how to skip and gallop.


He loved teaching.  As Adam grew, so did his desire to “one day become a dad”.


Then he met Sam.  One of the things he told her was that he could hardly wait to have kids.


Why am I telling you this?  Just background for some very, very happy news!


Adam’s dream is coming true.  We’ve known several weeks and I, for one, have been having a very hard time keeping the news “in”, but I’ve finally been given the go-ahead to make the announcement!


Adam and Samantha are pregnant!  Our third grand-child is about one third on the way!  A few weeks ago, they asked me to go along to an appointment.  The doctor warned it could be a while before she found the heartbeat, but before she finished the sentence we could all hear that this little one had the strongest (and most active) heartbeats  I’ve heard in a very long while!


Sometime this August, the newest family member will arrive.  Since telling all of us, the younger Nadels haven’t stopped grinning from ear-to-ear.  Safe to say, neither have we.


Dylan and Aidan are quite excited-they keep saying that they can hardly wait to be “big brothers”.  And that’s okay.  If you’re close in both proximity and have the love to share-is there that much of a difference?  Our daughter, Sarah, is so excited about becoming an aunt that she’s already been giving gifts for her future niece/nephew.


I haven’t been asked and I am making myself a promise to not offer advice unless requested, help as much as I’m able and support whenever and wherever it may be needed.


Life has been one roller coaster lately, here’s hoping that we’re not at the peak yet and that we all never come down.


Congratulations to our Adam and Sam-may parenthood be  filled with as much joy as we’ve had and know that we love you both and couldn’t be happier that we can be close by and be a part of things to come.

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