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Thursday, December 06, 2018


I See a Short Break, Not Sure if it's Good

 Started my week by having coffee with a friend-we discussed our various "aches" and what we're doing for them.

I guess that's what some of us do as we tip into our 60's.

What I realized is that December is giving me a slight break in some ways:  I only have two scheduled appointments with medical professionals, our community pool (and therefore classes) will be on hold until after the first of the year for its annual maintenance/cleaning and since the sun comes up a LOT later for the next few weeks-the girls have been letting me sleep in until a bit after 7 a.m..

Of course, all the kids will be on Winter Break in a couple of weeks-so that will provide me with some activity.  I know my counterpart usually comes out to watch the little ones and to visit, but I'll probably have the older ones for a few of those days unless Sarah works from home.

I'm personally very happy to see the end of this year.  It's actually been filled with even more drama, heartache, health issues and more than in the last 6.  There's been very little fun outside of birthdays, anniversaries and our traditional April cruise-glad to at least have those few happy occasions to look back on.

What I'm hoping for in 2019 is just some boredom.  But in honesty, seeing/hearing my dad's continued decline in all areas, I'm doubting any of us are going to get that type of quiet.

Alzheimer's is a horrible, insidious disease.  Our poor dad is aware enough that he knows his mind is going.  He's been losing weight and obsessing on his loss of both my mom and a sister of mine who died at 3 years old.  As soon as he sees any family member he cries and says "I can't walk".  It's heart-breaking and heart-wrenching to see this rapid decline.  My sister, of course, has it the worst since she lives about 6 miles away and visits him at least a couple of times a week.

My phone calls last less than 3 minutes-2 of which is his caretaker getting him to the phone to speak with me.  As soon as he knows it's me, he cries and says he can't talk.

And with that-I wish those who come here and celebrate Hannukah, hope it's a joyous one.  And everyone else have a wonderful Christmas season.  Happy New Year everyone!

May 2019 be a darned sight better for all of us and be one filled with good health, love and family.

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