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Friday, November 01, 2019


Nothing Better Than Clean Sheets

The title says it all.  Yep, our little Lucky (knock on a huge sold piece of wood here) has "kept it all" in for the last 6 nights.

This may NOT seem like much to you, but to Steve, Sunshine, (Ultimately) Lucky and I-this is wonderful!

We were thrilled when the blood work, Valley Fever screening included, all came back that all was well.  We weren't thrilled that she was throwing up.  Ew.  Always in bed, mostly my side save the one incident where she not only got Steve's half but Steve as well.

Everyone works out grief in their own individual ways.  Steve and I cried and well up every time we pass a cat food aisle or see a gray tabby.  Sunshine tends to still reject meals and still stares at the back of the sofa where Pepper hid and teased her or under our bed whining in his favorite napping area.  Lucky, well, Lucky puked during the night in our "family" bed.

Nothing says fun like being awakened in the pitch black to strip sheets, clean the mattress and re-make the bed-as well as starting laundry-and then trying to somehow go back to sleep.  And then there's trying to give our baby some much needed cuddling while all of the above is happening.

The final touch was that our vet said she wanted to wait to see if the valley fever test came back positive before giving Lucky some anti-nausea meds.  That was fine until last Wednesday night when she threw up TWICE.  Steve didn't have any part in the clean-up on that night since he was still on a business trip.  Thankfully, I had the foresight to cover the beds with not only heavy towels but a blanket.  And again, thankfully, when the incident happened-it was on the towels and blanket.

Called the vet at precisely 7:30 and said I wanted the meds.  The test still wasn't in, but I needed not only a clean bed and a little less laundry, I really needed sleep!

We could only give her the meds for 4 days.  They worked!  Then I was to report in-as of today, clean sheets, a less sleepy set of pet parents and Lucky is a lot spryer.  We're going to cross our fingers and bless our luck that we're threw the this phase of grieving.

To celebrate, Steve and I went to the new pet rescue store up the street and bought Lucky a new coat (her old one wasn't able to Velcro anymore) and an actual dog stroller.  Win-win.  I can easily open/shut and keep the stroller in the trunk and now that the cold weather seems to be upon us both girls are adequately clothed AND we've helped our fine group of volunteers care for the homeless/old/dying dogs.

Bless our community!  Bless our fur babies.  Hope everyone had a safe, fun and memorable Halloween!

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