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Wednesday, May 03, 2017


The Chew and ME!!!

I'm posting this week's blog a bit early-but with an exciting reason, at least for me!!!

If you've read my blog for a while, you know that besides my actual articles and passages in various books, I've had a lot of my recipes published in everything from Family Circle through Taste of Home magazines/cookbooks-a lot when I start running them through my mind!

But last week, my favorite show-The Chew (I'm not always home so I DVR religiously!) sent out a Tweet asking for viewers to share the "odd" pairing recipes-well I told them about my Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies with spicy peanuts.  A short while after I posted my tweet to them, they contacted me and my recipe wound up being made by Clinton Kelly on this past Tuesday's show!!!

Here is the link, if you'd care to watch it!!!  Not sure which of these links will work the best/easiest so you've hopefully got a choice!

Other things that happened this week?  Pepper was diagnosed with some bad teeth that had us scared because the byproducts of it had us thinking our 14 year old tabby may have cancer or something that he'd never come home with-okay, after the vet bill on teeth for the girls a couple of months ago has us quite strapped, a few bad teeth are preferable.

For the moment, until we figure out the budget, he's resting comfortably right here with his doting parents and sisters on pain meds.

On another bad thing-my mom somehow fell (my sister and I are doubting the tale of recent catastrophe) of a seat and broke her ankle!

My poor sister! 

Our kids are now firmly both a year older and we're wondering how THEY got so old!  LOL

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