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Friday, June 29, 2012


Laughing and Crying

Laugh and Cry

This week has been quite a roller-coaster emotionally for me.

Our son had a job interview in Phoenix.  He was excited and went with the frame of mind that he had the job.  Our daughter-in-law went with him-all on his given days off.  We had “custody” of the grand pups.

They stayed with our daughter and surprised (read that scared the pants off) our nephews by hiding behind furniture and having them find them.

“Grandma, Uncle Adam and Auntie Sam scared us and we screamed!”

Our daughter was thrilled to have her kid brother-if only for the brief 48 hours.  She wanted him to get the job as much as he wanted to get it.  Sarah’s need for us all to move closer has been quite clear from the start.

His interview was Wednesday morning-they planned on leaving right afterwards to come pick up the dogs.

But his wish came true and he wound up staying at interview #1 for 2 hours and then going straight into #2 for another 2 hours.  The job offer was made and his starting date is July 9th.

He sounds happier and more relaxed than I’ve heard him in over a year.  Let’s face it, working 100 hours a week and then told that it isn’t near enough is not exactly music to any employees ears.

Our daughter-in-law will remain here with us until the condo is sold and her job ends at the end of summer. 

I’m thrilled for them and missing them already.  I’m happy at my son sounding happy and crying because I know that now both my kids and my adopted kids will no longer be either down the street or even in the state.

And to make matters worse, my husband wishes he could sell our home and join them in their new home state as well.

It’s not that I don’t want to be there with them-I really do.  But when you have health conditions that require as many meds as I do-all of them unaffordable without group insurance-even with Medicare (that is a whole other blog, but I’m not through steaming about that enough to type without breaking my keyboard over yet) to “help” out, it paralyzes you in fear about the 90 new policy activation that most employers have in their hiring practices.

I seemed to have done right by my kids-they are fearless and jump into any and all changes without the need for a net.  I don’t know how they got to be so brave, but my admiration is strong on that subject.

On more of a financial but just as emotional roller-coaster, last week my husband and I were running errands and we decided since we were passing by the local mall that we’d stop in and have our wedding rings checked and cleaned.  We did just do it the end of April, but I had some stuff caught in my engagement ring, so we just had everything we were wearing checked. 

Since the loss of a diamond out of my tennis bracelet last month, (it too was just checked) I’m uber-vigilant about re-checks. 

Good thing-the center prong on my anniversary band was damaged.  It was sent in for an estimate and the jeweler called to say, “It will be $15.65.” I repeated the amount and said to go ahead with the repair.

He called back right away and said, “You okayed that pretty fast, so I wanted to make sure you knew it was “$1,500.65.”

“No, that is not what you said, I even repeated the amount.  Why on earth would a prong cost that much????”

Turns out that the jeweler found a crack in the stone.

Really?  Great, just dandy.

When I told my husband, as expected, he informed me that my ring would now be put into the safe with my bracelet.

All of this, just when we were just beginning to see a glimmer of sunshine. 

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