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Thursday, August 22, 2019


Tough Week-Physically and Emotionally

This has been a really, really tough week.

We're still crying.  Girls are still grieving/looking for Pepper and puking.

While Lucky is housing her food, she's made herself slightly (sorry about the TMI) constipated from the sadness.  Sunshine has lost her appetite and just keeps crying and looking at the back of the reclining sofa into the hole where Pepper "hung out".  Sunshine puked several times.

Last night, after showers, Lucky puked all over Steve first and the sheets right after.  There we were at 4 a.m. stripping the bed, starting the laundry, comforting our little one and hoping to get even a few more minutes of rest.

Monday, poor Bryce had a 24 hour virus, Lily (our grandpup) had to go to the vet, Aidan fell off his bike and sprained his arm, Sam got Bryce's virus and for good measure, I had a 14' wood/metal pole at Bed, Bath and Beyond fall on me.

Yep, I needed that  NOT!  Thankfully, Steve's catlike reflexes saved me from getting knocked out completely.  I did wind up with my entire right chest side getting bruised and a deep abrasion and a cut on my thumb.

So sore I can't move in bed, but happy to say this was so much less painful that getting knocked out would have been.

If that wasn't enough, our wonderful and caring vet gave us a paw print keepsake of Pepper.  We love it so very much, but there we were two old people crying more.

Here's hoping next week will be so much better than the one we just went through.

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