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Friday, August 08, 2014


Happy 1st Birthday Dear Jackson!

Happy Birthday Jackson!


As hard as it is to believe-our youngest grandson turned 1 this week!  On August 5th last year, our son, daughter Sam (the mom-to-be) spent the day waiting for the hospital to call and tell them to come in for her inducement.

We all knew that even at one week early-it was his “time” to join us all in the open world.  It was estimated that he was over 9 pounds!  A size, I’d like to point out, that his dad (who was born at 33-1/2 weeks) didn’t reach until his was about 3 months old-maybe a tad older!


Our daughter, son-in-law and older grandsons all met us in the waiting room.  We waited and waited.  We found coffee and treats, watched the TV in the waiting room and waited some more.  Alex took the boys home, Sarah stayed with us for a while and then went on home-they had work the next day.


About mid-night we realized that August 5th was NOT going to be Jackson’s birthday and left Sam and Adam to forge on.  Poor Sam!  Poor Adam (he’d been a wreck waiting for this highly anticipated event in his life!).


At 6 a.m. or so, Adam called to tell us it wouldn’t be much longer.  We quickly dressed, fed the pets and pottied the dog and took off!  We went to a nearby bagel store and got breakfast for the brand new set of parents and ourselves and headed up to labor and delivery.


Jackson had arrived!  9 pounds and 5 ounces.  Sam was justifiably exhausted but still a vision of beauty, with that beautiful “new mom” glow.  Adam was giddy and Jackson was a perfect mix of both his parents.


Spring ahead to August 6th (Wednesday):  Jackson is now walking, eating table food, drinking out of his sippy cup and has quite the sense of humor (definitely takes after all his relatives).  He loves playing peek-a-boo, throwing balls to the dogs, reading books and his cousins.  He has a hearty laugh, a wonderful disposition and looks exactly like his dad.

What’s next?  We’re all very interested in finding out-and comparing it to his day of birth, we’re holding it with the same amount of anticipation.

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