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Thursday, November 26, 2015


Blind Date to Clan

From a blind date to our own clan. But Sam 's missing.  She's our photographer.  

Not the Baby

Lucky loves the kids but realized she's not the baby anymore.  

Thank Goodness for All of You

Dearest Readers,

It's not that I didn't want to write a Thanksgiving post telling you all how wonderful you are to visit me and read my weekly musings-but with the birth of our dear little Bryce, a slight hiccup in the coming home date/time and trying to watch the three grandsons and prep our dinner (or the half that I made!), I ran out of time!

But as you can see-here I am, 9 o'clock Thanksgiving evening popping on here (after clean-ups and goodbyes done) and wanting to at least say-Thank you!

The week has been physically and emotionally exhausting-in a great way, but nonetheless, it's left me needing a bit more of the tryptophan from the turkey and wishing that instead of the glass of de-alcoholized wine I'm allowed, that it could have been a real glass that would help me dream until morning without even so much as a need to re-cover Pepper and Lucky or try and stop a single shooting pain.

For now though, know that I feel blessed that you visit and that this week has been one for which I'm truly Thankful!

Xoxox, Carine

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