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Friday, April 24, 2020


Celebrate What?

Right this minute Steve and I should be enjoying the last couple of days of our 39th anniversary cruise.  Instead, we finally got the refrigerator fixed and can enjoy fresh food that doesn't feel almost room temperature to the touch.

Today is also Adam's 36th birthday.  Obviously, he's celebrating in his home with Sam, the kids and 6 animals.

Next Friday Sarah turns 38-she's hosting a "small" friends party for 6.

Tomorrow, Sarah generously offered to have us all over to wish Adam a good year.

Thursday, it's my turn to do what we can to make some kind of get-together for the kids.  We bought a huge ham a while back for this purpose.  What I'll make with it will depend solely on what Steve brings home from the market.

Not being able to enjoy going to Sprout's as often as I'd like to pick out my own produce is one of the worst parts of all this isolation.  While Steve does pretty well (for the most part) he does get side-tracked!

Take yesterday, as an example-we took out some burgers for dinner.  We were pretty good on most of the usual side items but Steve saw a "Bourbon, bacon cheeseburger" on YouTube and wanted to try it.
We don't drink, so he was on the hunt for the bourbon.  He went up the street, mask on his face and came back with the bourbon.  But wait, that's not all!  He came back with 9 pounds of pork loin steaks.  Why?  They were on sale.  At least it was pork.  His last shopping trip he came back with beef-something that not only I am NOT supposed to eat-but HE is NOT supposed to eat.

Still, our freezer can only hold so much and what we REALLY needed was chicken.

At this point, I'm just going with the flow.  Hoping upon hope that next year at this time we're on our 40th anniversary/birthday cruise with the kids and grandkids.

By then, I'm also hoping that my peptic ulcer is more than a thing of the past, my knees don't feel as if a knife is prying the caps off the rest of my legs and I can withstand the plane flight without needing a day of re-couping time on my back.

Boy am I expecting a LOT out of the rest of 2020!

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