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Friday, July 18, 2008


Who Me?

Lately, I’ve been not only doing a lot of interviews-I’ve been the subject of some. It’s fun to be part of an article, or the main subject.

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been doing many health and fitness articles for the Orange County Register here in California. I’ve done stories on some very interesting subjects. Anyone who’s really interested and would like to read some-leave a comment and I’ll be very happy to direct you to the site and location.

But in the last few weeks-it is I who have been called on to answer questions and become the person “of interest”. As I mentioned it’s fun and an honor. One was a complete surprise. In fact, it was such a surprise, I only found out about it after it had gone “live” and picked up by Google.

One of the writers websites I submit to had a fellow writer who sent me a very nice private message telling me how much she enjoyed my work. She proceeded to ask me about 20 some odd questions. I felt somewhat taken aback and sent her a return note asking why she would like to know all of this information. You never no what a stranger has in mind these days, even if there are no questions attached.

Her reply was that she was very new to the world of journalism and was just curious as to what everyone’s background was, how they got started, etc…

Since I was knee deep in work, I promised I would answer her questions in as timely a fashion as I could. I did, about a week later. She thanked me and said I had some interesting replies.

I thought nothing more of the entire incident-just happy she wasn’t a stalker of some kind. Then I did my weekly “Google” on my name. Imagine my surprise when I saw on an entry: Carine Nadel’s Live Interview!

I suppose it’s better than having a Dead Interview, but I digress. I clicked on it and sure enough-every single answer to every single question she posed was there! Not much of a beginning or end, just her questions with my answers! With replies congratulating her on a “very interesting article”!

Since she didn’t bother to mention that she was going to submit this whole thing, I left her one of my rather sideways comments mentioning my feelings of surprise at the matter. I haven’t heard back, but then I really don’t expect too.

Then the food editor at the OC Register decided one of my recipes would make a great “Recipe of the Week” slide show for the website. She interviewed me about all the details on why and how I came up with the recipe. Her photographer is coming by to snap plenty of pictures of me making the recipe and re-interview me to get audio for the 90 second piece.

I am also a moderator for a major woman’s magazine. A friend who does a lot of free-lancing for the publication has used several of my quotes in her articles. But a new free-lancer (to the magazine) just contacted me and asked if I would be a part of an article about women who have started over after a “certain” age.

Since I wrote an article on just this subject I feel very qualified to help her out.

And that’s been my week. Just enough to keep me guessing, but not enough to make my head begin to swell. And now, onto the 3 loads of laundry in my back room to make sure I keep grounded.

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