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Friday, October 10, 2014


Helping Pet Parents to Keep Their Furry Kids Healthy

This month my senior profile is all about a man who started his own foundation to help the disadvantaged keep their pets and keep them healthy:

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A Kick in the Pants

A Kick in the Pants

I’m writing that sarcastically, of course. 

I haven’t actually been kicked in the southern region, but close.

This burglary thing has taken over our lives-not in a pleasant way.  Steve is still trying to protect us by using several security measures all at the same time. 

Scared the heck out of us the other night.  One of the motion sensor/alarms broke loose during a windstorm-it was in the middle of the night.  It started screeching immediately.  Scared Pepper from my armpit straight into his cat post hole.  Lucky started barking from under the blankets between my calves.  I swear my heart first stopped, then began to beat so hard that it took about an hour to get down to a level where I could fall back asleep.


I say could-because Lucky was so upset she made herself sick.

Yep, feel a lot more safe knowing I won’t die of a heart attack should it screech during the night again.

Then there’s the one at the front door.  Steve decided to put it at “eye” level so it could be put in neutral should I need to leave the house or answer the door. There’s a slight problem with that-Steve is 5’9”.  I am 5’1/2”.  Guess whose eye level that screech unit is at?

In order to get out of the house I have to set up a step stool to see where I’m sliding it too.  One of those times, I had no idea I put it to “chime” (because “high pitched shriek” wouldn’t fit on the unit), went out for my daily walk with Lucky and came home to be welcomed by the alarm system going off.


No idea how I accomplished it-but then I’ve always been a “technodweeb”.

I e-mailed my new BFF, Detective Monroe, and asked her if the DNA swab taken the week before had been entered.  She replied with this sad news:  Yes Carine, we entered it that same afternoon.  However, this is the hardest part of my job-when I tell the victim (WHAT?!  I’M NOW A VICTIM?????) that due to the city manager and others in the city offices getting a huge raise, the Police Dept. took both a cut in officers and in funds to put through both DNA and finger prints on priority testing. 

It takes 12-18 months for finger prints to be processed.  For your DNA-we’re literally looking at 3-4 YEARS.

Seriously?  I wrote back and checked to see if she realized she did YEARS not MONTHS.  Nope.  She meant years!  She called it a tragedy, I called it a travesty.  By the time they find out who did this they will probably have violated hundreds of other families and then moved out of the state.

Steve’s got it right, sadly enough, we’ll never get closure.

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