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Friday, November 13, 2015


Here I am Closing in on 58

I actually didn't realize it until the "birthday" meals started popping up in my inbox.

We've been so much on baby watch for Bryce that the little fact about I'm turning yet another year older wasn't even on my own radar.

Now I'm just hoping that Bryce comes before or after-everyone deserves their very own day of celebration-even if you don't want to do anything about it, personally.

Yet here I am about to turn 58.  Hmmmm, not much I really want to say about this fact.  It's not a "milestone" year, but I'm glad to say that I have another year under my belt.  It is pretty special that our grand-daughter's arrival is eminent.  That would be the perfect gift! As long (again) as it's either before or after and not ON the same day.

Speaking of birthdays, I've received a lot of attention from the following food emporiums:

Denny's-free breakfast grand slam for me (only on my birthday)
Jersey Mike's-free regular sandwich and a drink (only on my birthday)
True Food-dessert for me (only on my birthday)

Notice a trend here?  Denny's we'll probably manage since it's Steve's day off.  We might make the 12 mile trek to JM's and then Steve can eat it for one of his lunches at work the next day.  True Food though?  Fox Inc., would love to go except I can't afford to actually eat at your restaurant except for every once in a blue moon.  Thank you for the thought though.

That all being said it's been a bit of a rough week here in some aspects, poor Jackson came down with strep throat.  Even with that out there he's always a pretty happy little guy.  Steve came down with a cold, so I told him to get rid of it ASAP!  Who wants to miss Bryce's arrival because of a cold?????

I'm sorry this hasn't been the best of blogs but I think once I realized how old I'm getting to be I wasn't up to being either funny or interesting. 

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