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Friday, June 26, 2009


You Know You've Been Out of Work...

You know you’ve probably been out of a day job too long when:

Nearby family members ask if it’s okay to change their children’s emergency school contact to YOU because “you’re the easiest to reach and have the most flexible schedule”.

When you realize that you haven’t set the alarm clock on your nightstand since you were laid off. Except to catch an early plane for the vacation you had planned a year prior to being let go.

When you go back to your former place of employment as a bonafide customer and see that the desk is now piled high with stuff that probably has been there since you left-because no one else had the time to do the work. “After all Carine, it wasn’t you-it was the economy. We really wish they could find some extra money and have you come back-even for a few hours a week.”

That you actually liked seeing that the desk was piled high with undone work. “Ha-ha on them” comes to mind.

You no longer have a scheduling problem when you have to see a doctor of any kind. Anytime now works-and the schedulers thank you profusely.

Except for the fact that you no longer have a half way decent pay check coming in every couple of weeks-you are actually enjoying being a full time, underpaid writer.

Your family seems to enjoy that you are making more elaborate meals because you have the time and energy to do so.

The laundry is getting done in a timely manner.

Putting on make-up is now not a daily process, but only used when a face-to-face interview is in the works or someone decides to invite you to something.

Even though the dog is 13 and really can’t walk more than about 150 feet, she has gone back to knowing what it means when you come downstairs in your walking shorts. She also knows that it’s “carrot time” around 1 o’clock when you come downstairs for your veggie break.
And finally:

No one is asking you the very important question, “So how’s the job search going? Got a line on anything yet?” Mainly because whatever writing you are getting published seems to have become a source of pride for them to know someone who has been in print/online.

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