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Friday, May 25, 2012


More On American Airlines

More on my American Airline Rant:

I know many of you have had similar experiences.  I know this because I not only posted an extra blog on this here (where people have become quite shy-why?  But that’s another column), but I also put it on my FaceBook and Twitter pages and I put it on 2 forums that I frequent and there’s been a lot of activity there!

Here’s another part of what this awful stewardess also raised her unprofessional voice and told my son-in-law, “what if your kid hits his head and becomes paralyzed, we shouldn’t be held responsible for that!”

Can you (I’m unfortunately sure you can) believe this?  And then for her to lie, get “out-ed” by another passenger and then just scurry off without being held for questioning?

As far as what did everyone seem to agree on at the other sites?  It’s a resounding 100% that our daughter and son-in-law should enjoy their vacation and then upon returning they should contact American Airlines customer service supervisor (no sense starting with an agent who will just say, “Sorry I feel your pain but there’s nothing I can do”) and explain that you are nicely demanding the following:

1-The stewardess at the very least be reprimanded and grounded for a period of time for re-training on the subject of customer service.  Preferably, she should be tossed out of the airline.

2-A formal letter of apology written to all of them for the abhorrent treatment.

3-Last, they deserve a complete refund of all 4 airline tickets.  Not a free trip-because after this-would YOU want to take another trip with them??

And then, let them know that you have a close relative who is an attorney who will take over what shouldn’t be anything but a given to represent them further should they not see it the same way.

I’m not the type to get made a lot, I prefer seething a while and letting things build.  My mother once said, “As long as Carine is raising her voice, she’s just pissed or annoyed-you only need to be concerned and get out of my daughter’s way when she either starts talking in a very low voice or takes her anger out with her typewriter and lets the words begin to fly.”

Depending on how American Airlines decides to behave and what they respond with themselves-depends on how my next mention of them in a blog turns out…

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