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Friday, February 09, 2018



This is going to be a great day!  I know this because it's all do to my son and daughter by marriage, otherwise known as the younger Nadels.

For my birthday they took advantage of the local Hand and Stone day spa and treated me to a BOGO!  I had to wait until I was over the crud last month, but while I was there-I made an appointment to enjoy my second massage for today.

I've been off my RA drugs since mid-June and I hurt.  Valley Fever pain, the osteoarthritis and the herniated discs do NOT help my pain level either.  Since steroids will advance the growth of those nasty spores in my lungs-I'm no longer a candidate for epidurals.  It's been almost a year since the last one, so I am truly SORE.

Nothing says "challenge" quite like making it through a day in pain from literally my C2 vertebra down to my feet.  There's not a joint, knuckle or bone that isn't screaming at me.  The massage breaks up the various knots that have formed due to my moving in ways that try to limit the advancement of more pain.

If it were possible, I'd get a membership.  But that's a moot point, so I'll just enjoy these 50 minutes and know that I usually find I benefit from it for about a week or more.

It's been a fairly busy week.  Besides the usual walks with the dogs and having the boys in the afternoon, Steve had a corporate meeting so I had to do the grocery shopping by myself.  Bless that wonderful bagger at Fry's who helped me take the stuff out of my cart and put it into my trunk.  I came home and put the refrigerator stuff away, but waited for Steve's return to get the rest out.

I also had to take Lucky in (solo) for her yearly bordatella shot.  She loved the ride until she realized that it ended at the vet.  The crying and mewling was worthy of an Oscar!  We have also been having an issue with Sunshine of late.  We don't know why, but she's refusing to eat breakfast!

Called the vet.  Was told that many dogs will self-regulate or stop eating for a couple of days and as long as everything else was A-OK, not to worry.  I made an appointment on Day 4.  That night, she went back to eating-but for only 2 days!

Presently, she hasn't eaten breakfast.  I've tried the following: wet the dry food (maybe another tooth hurts?), switched the wet food (I guess Blue Buffalo was only good for the first 3 days), I mashed the wet into the dry.  I've switched out to a different bowl.  Vet said she might just be in the mood for a "battle of wills".

Okay, what Sunshine doesn't know is that her human sister is the poster child for "strong-willed" and we pretty much were still in charge of that outcome.

Once a parent, always a parent.

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