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Thursday, October 03, 2013


I'm Peeved

When Will it End?

Nothing in particular mind you-but I’m getting a bit sick of hearing the stupidity of people in general.

My top pet peeves?


1-People who abuse and neglect their children.  I’m imagining most people hate these poor excuses for human beings.

2-I’m sure you can guess-those awful people who abandon and abuse animals.

Both children and pets are not necessities-they’re joys and privileges.  If you don’t want or can’t go through with the care and feeding of them-just admit it and be a person who has neither.


3-People who have nothing to say about others beliefs except negative remarks.

Excuse me, our country was built on being a melting pot of diversity.  Rather than denigrate others-learn what they’re about!  I’m not saying that you have to agree-but all of us have something to learn from those who believe and think differently than us.  It’s not a crime to have an opposite viewpoint.

4-I’m not going to eat bugs and things, but being a foodie-I think we should all be open to trying new cultural dishes.  Whether it’s a new herb or spice, cooking method, protein or switching up to trying a savory soup for breakfast rather than a bowl of cereal!

5-Neighbors who refuse to even say hello.  I don’t know about your block but we’ve been here for almost a year and do you know we haven’t even seen the face of anyone who lives next door?  Not one person came over and introduced themselves.  Our son said we had it easy!

Last year Sam’s mom sent her birthday flowers that were delivered next door since they weren’t home.  When they went to retrieve the gift-the neighbor rudely gave them the bouquet and said, “this isn’t a good time to introduce ourselves.”  And with that he shut the door.  So far, it has never been a good time.

I thought that once I started walking Lucky I’d finally get acquainted with some of the other pet parents.  One lady with an older Goldie mix that looked slightly like Sunshine was quite nice-but I only saw her the one time.  A man was at the mailbox with his pooch a few weeks ago and when I said “hi”, he nodded and turned away.

Really?  Is it that hard for people to say hello?  I was told by another woman (she talked to us because it turned out she was a teacher’s aide in Dylan’s class last year) that we should be receiving an invite to a block party by mid-month.  “They do it every year so we can meet all the newbies and form a better neighborhood watch.”  When I mentioned that we closed escrow October 4th of last year and my husband never saw any such invitation-she looked puzzled.


That’s my rant for the week.  I’m sure if I wanted to sit here and think harder I’d come up with more.

Oh wait-number 6 pet peeve.  People who have pet peeves.

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