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Friday, October 18, 2013


I Love Autumn

I Love Autumn


A few weeks ago something wonderful happened. 


Yes, one morning, as Lucky and I reached the kitchen door we were greeted not by a burst of extremely hot air-but by a bit of a nip! 

Okay, the “nip” was still 85 degrees, but as opposed to the 105+ mornings, this had me thinking, “hmmmm, should I go grab my robe????”

I kid you not. 

Then I realized that if I could get my joints moving fast enough, Lucky and I could actually go take a walk!

Woo Hoo!  You didn’t see it, but this had me really immersing my feet and hands into some hot water so I could accommodate this wish. 

From that point on, Lucky and I have a date 4-6 times a week to get up and out for a return of our morning constitutions.  We are LOVING it!  It’s just warm enough that neither of us have a need for a sweater and Lucky doesn’t need to worry about how hot the cement or asphalt is-we’re both happy. 

After all, I’ve been using the treadmill all summer-but poor Lucky has well, how can I put this nicely?  Our little 5.7 pound Chihuahua has gotten what the vet termed, “fluffy”.  She weighed in at 7.2 pounds.

Poor baby.  She only gets ¼ cup of dry food and NOW she’s getting 2 tablespoons of wet food and a half of a toy sized denti-stix.  The vet said, “Theoretically she’s not getting too much food (we had been giving her ¼ C of wet food with the kibble), but this type of Chihuahua for some reason has a slower metabolism than the ones with longer legs.”

We were told to cut her wet food intake in half and come back for a weight check in a month.  The thought is that with our being able to walk her again and cutting back on her food she should be able to lose some of her “fluffiness”.

Back to our weather.  Here in the desert we have no fall colors.  Now I’m used to that.  In Orange County we pretty much stayed green all year round.  Here we have a lot of cacti, mesquite and very little in the way of color.  I was just thrilled to see some little blossoms on some sort of plant in the yard that gave us a bit of yellow, fire orange and a bit of red.  If only for a few days.

I miss my roses.  I miss my mint.  I did see someone with a rosemary shrub while walking the other day-so I’m thinking that despite the fact that my seeds never broke ground-I’m certain if a get one of those in a pot I could make some of that grow and see some of the purple  buds next season.  Plus I could have some for cooking again.

Most people love seeing the arrival of Spring-I did as well, but here where Spring means that we will soon be “living on the face of the sun”, I’m enjoying the morning walks, not sweating in the house and we’re beginning to eat on our patio once again.  We bought that fancy misting fan and only used it once. 

Maybe Steve could hook it up-but then again maybe we could just sit outside after dinner and use the fire pit?  I know we’ve had requests for another s’mores bar!  Sounds great for a nice Autumn family dinner.

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