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Friday, May 02, 2014


Blowin' in the Wind

Blowing in the Wind

I’ve mentioned the fact that we live in an area that has the potential to be crazy windy. This past week was proof. In fact, I will tell you this amazing report:  Wednesday it was so windy that Sky Harbor International Airport clocked it at 52 MPH.

Nothing to sneeze at-unless of course you are a member of my family, then that’s all you seem to do in between blowing your nose.

Not that we all didn’t have allergies of the pollen kind in good ol’ Orange County; we did, just not to the degree we have here.  Even Pepper (our 10-1/2 year old tabby) seems to be having quite the problem-and he’s a 100% indoor cat!  Poor dear is sneezing his head off numerous times during the day AND the night.

In fact, he got me good (warning:  major “EW” factor) the other day.  He’s been pretty cuddly lately, even staying on my lap before Lucky (our 2 year old Chihuahua) snuggles down for a nap-but this day he couldn’t just enjoy a nap.

Nope, the little guy was totally asleep when he woke up, looked up at me with his huge green eyes and did IT:  He sneezed, 5 times, in my face.  Gross!  Then he closed his eyes and actually thought I’d let him go back to his nap!

Lucky looked up and thought going back to her nap was on the docket as well.  Both were not happy when the foot rest on my La-Z-Boy went down with a rather noisy thump and I got up.  They stared at me in disbelief and followed me into the bathroom and watched me wash my face.

Just writing this has me wincing.

I couldn’t be too mad at them, it wasn’t a planned attack.  Also, Steve has been teasing me for at least a month about the 5 big boxes of tissues I’ve emptied.  He sneezes but doesn’t seem to go through even ½ as many as I do.  Then there are the kids and the grandkids.  Poor Dylan, just walking to the mailbox with me is a futile event that requires him walking with the tissue box close at hand.  Aidan just looks bleary eyed. 

Little Lucky hates that wind!  At 6.4 pounds you can only imagine what a feat it is for her to do her business (somehow she always holds up her two hind legs and balances on the front two) without serious injury!

Thank goodness the weather reports are predicting the gales with demote themselves down to about 6-10 MPH by the time you read this blog-otherwise life around here  might just become what Bob Dylan predicted, “The answer my friend is blowing in the wind.”

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