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Friday, April 20, 2018


It's the Coldest Spring for Us!

I could hardly wait!  Landed at Sky Harbor on Monday afternoon and water aerobics was starting on Friday!  It was a beautiful 90 degrees on Monday and Tuesday and yes, Wednesday.  Then Thursday brought overcast skies and blustering wind.    I couldn't walk the dogs on Thursday.  Just sit in the house and watch the immediate world blow by-literally!

Still, I was determined that NOTHING was getting in the way of Friday morning's dip in the pool.

For most people the wind was enough to have them wait out the beginning of water aerobics for a few more days-not me.  Nope, stupid me woke up to 58 degrees and a slight gale and I put on my swimsuit, baseball cap, sunscreen and happily went to class.

That's when things got a tad uncomfortable.

At 9 a.m., the air had only warmed up to 60 and it was windy.  The water was a delightful 85.  For those who aren't aware-60 degrees with wind while wearing a wet swimsuit is nothing remotely closed to "comfy".  Plus, I sounded as if I were dying.

The wheezing, the coughing and the experience were not what I was hoping for after a 3-1/2 month recess.  Went home and took a nap and had to use the rest of the day to re-group.

Saturday and Sunday were equally cool and blustery.  Sam and I did get the dogs out for a walk with the kids, but it was hard to breathe.

I know we live in the desert-so what happened to the heat?  Where's the gorgeous sun?

Monday our more usual weather came back and I thought all would now be good.  But by Friday the temps were back down to 60 and only promising a high of 78.

While I realize that I truly have nothing to complain about-especially since many of you are still having to live with snowstorms and icy weather, I still have to say I'm not impressed with Spring so far.

Come back in a week or so when I will then begin regaling you with stories about having record breaking heat temperatures.

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