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Sunday, August 06, 2006


Love at First Sight

Love at first sight. Do you believe in this concept?
I do. It's a family tradition-really!
My in-laws met and married in 3 weeks. Their marriage lasted until my father-in-law passed away 10 years ago.
My father proposed to my mother on their second date. She accepted and were married a couple of months later. They are about to celebrate their 50th anniversary with a cruise and a renewal of vows ceremony. (Yes, they took the idea from us-but they did renew their vows on their 25th as well)
And then there is my sister and her husband, going strong on 18 years, they met and were engaged in 4 months. They were the "holdouts".
I knew after the first date that I had met my life's partner. I wasn't the only one-he told his parents the same thing. We celebrated our fourth date by getting engaged.
Girlfriends and my closest male friend who knew how conservative I was were aghast that I could be dead serious about getting married to a person I had just met!
"Carine, you hardly know the guy-how can you marry him?!"
Then they met him. My best male friend (who actually drove in from New Mexico) declared after talking to my fiance for 20 minutes, "You two are peas in a pod! It's as if you both were an unfinished jigsaw puzzle until you met"!
He didn't even bother chastising me for turning down an honest to goodness job offer from a radio station of merit to stay put and build a totally different type of life than either one of us had imagined me living.
It wasn't just us either. My mom actually started planning the wedding as soon as we walked out the front door on the first date. My dad, like any dad, said "aren't you getting a little ahead of yourself? They haven't even officially gone out yet!" My mom said she could tell this was "it".
She was right-our first outing lasted 14 hours. It was Father's Day, 1980.
My husband lived in Hollywood. I lived 35 miles away in Orange County. (the ones in California, not Florida). He told his mom he'd bring me home for dinner if he liked me. So part of our first date was having dinner with his parents, grandmother, aunt, uncle, sister and his drunk as a skunk brother-in-law.
I think he figured if I didn't want to go home right after that meal, I was a keeper!
That was fine-I had him over for dinner the next week.
Also on the first date, he took me to see "The Nude Bomb". That was the 2 hour film from the "Get Smart" television show. He also took me to a comedy club. He learned a lot about me on that evening. Major things such as: don't take this woman to see bad films or bad comics. She'll tell you very honestly and quickly to get her out of the joint! When we finally arrived back at my parents home I made him the hottest cup of coffee he had ever had. So we sat at the dining room table talking for another two hours. It was 2 a.m. when I finally declared I had to have him leave.
Turned out I had to get to the radio station to do the morning news shift that week and had to be on the air at 6 in the morning.
Some may say that I had made some questionable choices that day, but not me.
I'm as sure today (over 26 years later) as I was then, that there really is such a thing as "love at first sight".

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