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Friday, September 25, 2009



Sometimes you really don’t know what to write about. I sat at my desk for about 10 minutes contemplating about what I should talk about here this week. Then I decided to just start writing, hoping something would just come to me as I was typing away.

It didn’t. The crew came to actually finish the “small” bath. That interrupted my “lack of train of thought”, and then the washer let me know that it was time to change the load. Sunshine added to my lack of subject by having a senior moment. Yes, my dog is having senior moments. She started barking.

Just barking. The cats were hiding under our kids’ bed, the crew was in the bathroom-no one was downstairs, but there she was-BARKING. I, of course, stopped to change the laundry and check out what was bugging her. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. There wasn’t a fly, no one dropped anything off at the front door, there wasn’t a bird flying past the breakfast nook windows.
Nothing. But it was enough to distract me. I took her out for a potty break. She looked at me as if I were the one having the senior moment. “What are we doing out here mom? Is there a reason you had me follow you? It’s hot-let’s go back in to the 83 degree house. I’m going if your not.”

Then I had to get back to work. How else would my Thursday schedule of writing this blog and next week’s “What’s Cooking” columns get written if I kept having an ADD attack?

Of course, I need quiet when I write-no music, no TV, no phone conversations-just solitude.

Ever try enjoying the creative solitude when 2 people are cutting tile less than 10 feet away from you? Let me tell you-it just isn’t going to happen.

Then my daughter had our oldest grandson Dylan call-“Hi Grandma, wanna go to the pier with us today? I’m going to see a big wheel. Come grandma.”

I would have dearly loved to have had a day at the Santa Monica Pier, the beach and fun with the grandkids. But alas, I have to smell travertine fumes, have some more of my hearing destroyed, do laundry and write.

Dylan loves cars-so I’m hoping to find out what happened when he found out that the “big wheel” wasn’t a car, but a Ferris wheel. I’m missing that. Darn.

And guess what-I still don’t know what to write about.

Until next week.

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