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Sunday, August 27, 2006


A new coat of paint

Ever notice how one day you look at your home and think: This place could really use a new coat of paint?
That was how I felt about me this week.
Maybe it was the killer migraine that took away a day of work and kept me practically bedridden for two days afterwards. Or, more likely, it was fellow co-workers who said "go home, seeing how crappy you look is giving me a headache!"
They weren't being mean, just honest. Hey, I looked at myself and thought "geez, you actually look exactly as awful you feel". Death warmed over was too nice of a description.
So after the morning's domestic goddess chores were complete, I showered, dressed and booted myself out the door and went to my favorite department store.
I went straight over to the make-up counter where my sister and daughter usually frequent and stated the reason for my visit.
"I am a blank canvas, make me a masterpiece-please!"
A wonderful young woman, named Yvonne, sat me on a nice comfy barstool and looked me over. She asked what kind of a masterpiece did I wish to become? Casual, bold, out of Elle and Cosmo? I went for a combo of casual/bold. At nearly 49, I am so past wanting to be Elle and Cosmo. She made recommendations that made sense for my age and what colors I tend to stock my wardrobe to hold. Nothing extreme, just classy and down to earth.
She was a very good listener. I say that because despite the purple shock of hair she had created for her own look she really came through for me! On her though, I have to say the streak of color looked quite nice.
When she was through with a step, she explained and showed me what she had done, so it would truly be easy for me to do on my own. And given my musical theatre background of old, I am quite sure tomorrow morning, I really can duplicate this new coat of "paint" and look quite good.
I left the station about an hour later with a renewed spring in my step, a new look on my face and a much happier view of myself. I felt so good, I went to my hubby's work and showed off to him! My son was there-he looked at me first.
"Mom, glad to see you're feeling so much better!"
Hubby saw me pass by and stopped talking to his customer. Actually introduced me to them. Hey, what better endorsement is that? Actually proud to introduce me in my powerwalking sweats to complete strangers!
Oh, and he said to make sure I still had it on when he got home. Wow!
Yes, sometimes a new coat of paint can really make a difference to the same old place.

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