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Thursday, June 25, 2015


It's a Solid Grandpa

Solid and Funny

Our grandsons are funny.  At breakfast we somehow got to talking about the metric system and how we measure things here in USA.  Liquids/solids/liters/grams, etc..  We were comparing the bottles of hot sauces, peanut butter, and cream cheese.  Then my husband let out a very loud burp!  Aidan, age 7, said, "I think that's a solid grandpa!"

Later the same morning, we were taking them over to their flipside grandma’s home and Dylan decided he had to check out one of the rocks in the front of the house while waiting for Steve to back the car out of the driveway.  It’s a fair-sized  rock, about the size of a tricycle. 

Have I mentioned that Dylan loves creepy crawlies?  Consider it mentioned now, if I haven’t before this moment.

I told him not to get his face there.  “Dyl, there could be a scorpion under there and you might be getting it angry.  Get away, grandpa’s almost out.”

At that moment, he pulls out something.  From where I was standing I thought someone decided to stick a straw under there rather than carry the “heavy” object home and throw it in their garbage can.  Nope, was not a straw.


Dylan found a snake skin.  He was thrilled.  Over the moon.  “Grandma, I found a real live dead snake skin!!!”  He wanted to take it with him and show the rest of the family.


No way was that thing coming in my car!  Thankfully, grandpa felt the same way about the “find” of the day.  The snake skin was dropped and Dyl ushered into the back seat of the car.

He was NOT happy with us.

Aidan didn’t say much.  He’s more the type to love picking out new foods to cook, kitchen gadgets to try and trying to put a new spin on how to get through the heat of the summer.

The boys also had their first swim meet this week.  Steve and I met up with Grandma Robin and her significant other John and Alex to cheer them on. 

Did I mention the meet was at 6 p.m., in full view of the 105 degree sun?  While the boys were enjoying getting ribbons for swimming in the cool water, the five person cheer squad was sweating bullets.

There were also several hundred kids and parents hanging around. 

I’ve had decades of practice watching soccer, baseball, karate, basketball, softball, dance and choir-but this was my first outing as a swim grandparent.  Interesting.  I would’ve enjoyed it more from a level view in the water. 

All that said, I guess you could say that (using Aidan’s logic) even though this took place in a liquid-this was a solid.


Later in the week, Aidan was having breakfast at our local bagel joint with Sarah.  He ordered a very traditional lox and bagel.  Sarah ordered the daily special with her choice of meat, cheese and egg.  Our little foodie decided that they should switch their sandwiches when they finish their first half.  Why?  Because that way could have a breakfast version of “surf and turf”.


Technically you have to admit, he was right.


After last week’s post, Steve and I did do a bit of computer shopping.  Bought a new one.  We also had to buy a Word/office program and add it to the new one so that I could actually open up all of my articles.

This “easy” job took Steve almost an entire day.  As you can see, it worked.  But not in the way you’re probably thinking.

Once the new one was set up, Steve took the program and re-installed it into my old computer-and it now works!  At least it works on the level of getting to get into the Word program.  The old computer still is giving me error notices on e-mails, internet usage and most other items I use every day.  Plus, given the new Windows 8, I can’t just transfer my e-mail over to the new computer.  It doesn’t have a contact, draft or sent area.

So, for now, when I work I use the old computer and when I play-I either put forth my greatest effort in testing out my patience or I use the new one.


Sigh.  Nothing says progress quite like a computer.

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