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Friday, February 03, 2012


Kick up your heels at father-daughter dance | community, clark, center - News - The Orange County Register

Kick up your heels at father-daughter dance | community, clark, center - News - The Orange County Register

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Aidan James-You're 4!

Aidan James is Officially 4

Last week our oldest grandchild, Dylan Brian, turned the remarkable age of 5. Not to be outdone in the birthday department, our younger grandson, Aidan James accomplished turning 4.

Aidan was named after my late sister Andrea June.

I was both happy and out-of-sorts at this idea. You’d have to know the story behind why and honestly, after 50 years, I’m not at all sure I understand, so I’m just going to say that it wasn’t one of the happier periods in my life and although I was only 4, it shaped my existence.

Aidan was born with a sense of calm and sweetness. He’s always trying to please and has a heart as big as they come.

Don’t get me wrong-both boys do. But this week I’m writing about Aidan.

Unlike his brother’s pregnancy, our daughter wasn’t confined to her bed or her house, her blood pressure was doing okay and while still high risk, things were better that the first go round.

I was still working a day job at the time, so I was a tad startled to hear my cell phone ring at noon! After all, the cell phone was supposed to be used during business hours on an “emergency only” basis.

It was our daughter, at her regular appointment, it was decided that she needed to toddle across the street and check in to be induced. They needed me to care for Dylan-who, if you’re figuring things out, had only turned one 10 days before.

I told my office mates, who sent word to the “boss lady” and they wished Sarah and Alex luck.

On the way, I called my husband and son, as well as my parents and sister.

Talk about a birthday party! While all the prep work was being done, everyone was arriving. I was keeping Dylan busy by pushing his stroller around the hospital, giving him snacks and drinks and changing diapers.

My husband had to work late and our son and then daughter-in-law to be were at school and then working. Our son, Adam, was none too happy that when he finally got to the hospital, I asked him to take Dylan home and put him to bed.

He missed Dylan’s birth because of school and work and was dearly hoping to be with his sister for Aidan’s arrival.

So off went Dylan with his Uncle Adam for dinner, bath and bed. My husband eventually arrived and we sent my parents’ home-way too much for them to sit for an unknown period of time in the evening hours.

Alex’s mom came sometime during the latter part of the labor. She was slightly taken aback about the birthing process from the opposite “side” of things.

Sarah had an epidural. Alex held onto one leg and I held the other. Aidan came into the world at 8 pounds, blond and blue-eyed. I was fortunate enough to hold him almost ahead of everyone else in the room.

I said it then and meant it and I’ve repeated this a lot through these last 4 years: Aidan James, this is grandma Carine. You have been named after a little girl who didn’t have a chance-so I’m going to make sure you get both hers and yours in life.

I love you Aidan. Happy 4th Birthday!

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