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Friday, September 07, 2007


Through Dylan's Eyes

My grandson, Dylan, is now 7 months old. He sits on his own, rolls around the floor, scoots, talks to fans and nearby pet animals and is going through the first phase of "I need mommy". He also has one of the most joyous belly laugh I've ever heard. Which is actually saying quite a bit, since I ran a pre-school and day care for a decade of my life.

Dylan also loves his grandpa's singing. When the elder of the two sings "The Impossible Dream", the younger one looks up at him with eyes so wide and full of love and wonderment that his mouth hangs open. Now I love grandpa more than words, but he really can't sing a note. Doesn't matter-Dylan has that adoring look for every single off-key note. Even if he's bawling his head off, it stops as soon as he sees and hears grandpa.

Back to Dylan's belly laugh-the beautiful one that makes my own eyes well up when I watch and hear it come out of that little guy.

He looks at mommy at laughs at things such as watching her flash her hands in surprise movements and say "Magic Fingers". When she bows and says "DA-TA-DA" he laughs so hard he makes himself fall over. It's a joy like no other to hear and witness.

Even though he has three pets of his own, when he sees our beloved Sunshine (a lab mix with a true heart of gold)he squeals with delight. He "calls" her over and opens his mouth as wide as he can to take in the avalanche of on-coming doggy kisses.

My grandson is also a, well for lack of a better phrase, a "boob" man! So far he has ogled not only his mom, he's also ogled great grandma, great aunt, grandma, one teenage cousin and his uncle's girlfriend.

Fortunately, at 7 months of age, he can get away with it quite easily. At 7 months-we all just say "ah, isn't he just the most precious thing?"

Dylan already has a distaste for baby food and naps. He loves the water and his great aunt's pool. He starts flapping all of his extremities as soon as he sees what house he's driving up too. Can't get him in his swim diaper fast enough! He splashes as hard as he can! Laughing harder and harder with each self-induced splash in the face.

Watching Dylan see things for the first time is overwhelming. I anticipate with the same excitement as I did waiting for his mother and uncle to recognize all kinds of new events that he can do and what his eyes will tell me then! Things such as-his face when he realizes he can crawl and walk, when he first swallows from a cup and gets the spoon filled with food into his mouth. When he says words that his relatives understand. His facial expression when everyone sings "happy birthday" and sees the lit candle.

Oh one more first that I will want to watch his eyes show me-when sometime close to his birthday-he sees his new baby brother or sister for the very first time.

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