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Friday, August 22, 2014


What a Difference a Day Makes

What a Difference a Day Makes

In case you didn’t watch the news this past week, from Sunday night right on through Tuesday night we here in North Phoenix were not only “under siege”, we were “under water”!


No kidding!  Steve and I went with Sarah and the boys out to dinner and came out from the restaurant at 7:30 to a very gray sky, clouds, heavy winds-all the makings of an expected monsoon.  Well, suddenly we had not one but 3 separate lightning storms and rain following us the 30 miles back home to Anthem/New River!

The noise was so loud that even with my earplugs set firmly in place; the noise kept waking me up.  Okay, some of that may have been the various paws holding on to my face and arms, but I digress.  The point is-it was blowing and raining really HARD!

Monday was on and off wind and rain.  But oh my word, Tuesday night the heavens broke loose!  We were sure the wind was blowing the rain so hard that we’d lose power (again), but the fans and a/c kept going.  For that we were more than thankful.

However, 6:15 came with Lucky begging to go out.  When she saw the rain, she did the “oh no, not me mom!” dance.  She refused to even go on the covered patio, which seemed perfectly agreeable to use just the night before!

She should’ve gone too.  At 6:30, we were under siege!  The wind was blowing at 50 MPH, the rain coming down so hard that the news reports said we had 5” in an hour and the lightning and thunder were pretty darn frightening!

Our yard looked like a dirty pool.  I tried to take Lucky out front to potty under an umbrella.  Nope.  Wasn’t happening.  I tried walking her to the pocket park across the street.  That is a wash-which was now a dirty pool as well.

I posted a photo during a mild break for everyone to see-that pool is normally a ditch full of boulders.


Our friends who live up a street and against the wash texted me a photo of the other side of their fence-the desert was now a rushing dangerous river!

Soon after our power went out for 4 hours, the freeway was shut down from the mud and flash floods, several schools were shut for the day and everyone was told to stay HOME.


Alex dropped off Aidan to me later in the afternoon.  Aidan summed up his day by disgustedly telling me, “Grandma-they wouldn’t let me go out and play at lunch!  And the teachers made us do nothing but learn all day!”

I suppose learning is tough when you’re 6.  But better than drowning!

By Wednesday morning-no one would have been able to tell what we had all witnessed the day prior.  We woke up to a clear blue sky without a hint of a cloud, 85 degrees with the most wonderful light waft of a breeze.

Oh what a difference a day really does make.

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