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Thursday, February 14, 2013


It finally happened

It’s happened!


Finally-it seems to be taking place.  It may not be much to you, but we were getting a tad bit concerned.


What am I writing about?  The hopeful bond between our 9-year-old tabby Pepper and our new rescue, 1-year-old Chihuahua Lucky-it seems to be slowly taking place!


Pepper has been actually teasing her –peeking out of his favorite hiding places just long enough that she notices him and then he runs to a spot that Lucky cannot possibly access.  The middle of our king-sized tall bed, the kitchen and bathroom counters and the top of his cat condo, for just a start.


They seem to be starting to agree on various spots in the bed.  Pepper on my “knee” pillow between my legs and Lucky has chosen (Lord only knows how she breathes) under the blankets and between us. 


Do you have any idea how scary this is?  We have to remember, while we’re sleeping, that we have a tiny 5 pound pup there and we’d better not crush her!  We’re all getting used to the arrangements. 


Another sign that they’re beginning to bond:  Pepper is actually looking for her and kissing her nose!  Whoa…

He’s also watching her every move outside and trying to follow her around by skating along the 3 sliding doors and the two windows in the other doors. 


We also saw him chasing her and meowing at her to play.  This is so wonderful!  For the first few weeks, we didn’t know how to get this to work.  But like children and new siblings, they’re working out the details all on their own.

I’m sure we’ll still need to monitor dust-ups and use some timeouts, but we’re encouraged about these positive changes.  May they continue and flourish.


Since Valentine’s Day was this week, Steve and I decided that this was their present to us, learning to get along and enjoy each other’s company. 

Speaking of Valentine’s Day-it was our 33rd.  Since we’ve had so many changes and have purchased so many items and made so many changes to get our new house to be a home, we decided that our romantic evening was to enjoy a nice homemade meal in the dining room.  Steve had the day off, but we had the grandkids until around 6, so we had a somewhat late dinner and just enjoyed not having to do much of anything-except be with each other.

Here’s hoping yours was just as wonderful!


Here’s a hint to next week’s blog subject:  Rockabye Baby

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