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Friday, August 01, 2014




As many of you know from several of my blogs-finding friends is not exactly an easy task.  Steve and I are not the most religious of people, so despite being invited to join a Temple that is more of a social group, that’s not the best of places for us to find like-minded friends-couples or not.


However, thanks to that day we were shopping at the outlet mall and met our closest friends-we’ve stagnated.


I, personally, took advantage of our housing tract’s personal website and invited anyone over for coffee or to take a walk-3 people have taken me up on the offer.  The leader of our site came over and we had a nice chat.  She left saying next time was her turn. 

So far, all I’ve received at little notes on the site saying, “we’ll do it soon, I promise”.  The first woman was the one who invited us to the makeshift temple.  Steve and I have met this nice couple for lunch a couple of times.  Unfortunately, we’re a bit TOO much alike.  Poor woman has had 2 surgeries and is getting ready for a third.

The last lady is our new neighbor across the street.  We keep talking when I take Lucky for a walk-but she’s on her fourth set of visitors. 


Then I forgot!  I joined the FaceBook page-Addicted to Anthem!  I went on there and introduced myself.  Now that seems to have worked for the moment!  That day I met another woman who is also disabled.  She can’t walk, but we both do love our coffee!  This morning a woman who does like to walk with her Chi/Jack Russell met with me at 7 and we walked our dogs for an hour!  Yeah!


Saturday-another coffee date with a woman who wants to do both-walk and drink coffee!   Plus, she’s a fellow freelance writer!!!


Of course I can’t really say any of these women will become my BFF, after all we’ve only had one “date”.  But I’m out there and trying to form a cohesive group for myself.  Time will tell.  In the meantime, it has been nice to share things with other women my age and get out of the house.

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