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Friday, March 28, 2014


I Ate My Way Thru NYC

The food side of my NYC trip:  

Lucky's hiding

Lucky's hiding from Pepper and taking a nap.  

NYC was Great!

I'm baaccckkkk!

I'm also winging it today!  Since we landed in Phoenix late Saturday I've been playing a very long game of "catch up".

As usual, our daughter Sarah had so many activities planned that it was a very good thing that Manhattan is a 24/7 kind of place.

It is also FREEZING COLD!  My 15 year old leather coat was on almost the entire week.  I say almost because I did take it off when we were either in our room or I was taking a shower.


We had multiple adventures-I'm not sure I remember them all!  I'm telling you Sarah didn't leave much time for breathing!  Our first adventure happened when we took a cab to our first dinner place.  Sarah had a Groupon for a pizza place in Little Italy.  We weren't thinking-probably too hungry! We needed reservations. Who knew that Sky Harbor didn't even have an open ubiquitous Starbuck's at 5 a.m.????  We wound up buying bags of  Chex mix on the plane for our breakfast and lunch.  Really.

We also got ripped off by the cabbie.  Sarah immediately reported him and stopped the charge.  The restaurant was tiny and the reception finally caved and gave us a table for 30 minutes because she felt so bad about our being on a plane with the boys and having the bad experience with our transportation.

Great meal.  Then Sarah had us walking in the dark and freezing cold so the boys could have dessert at the famed "Milk and Cookies" in Chelsea.  Any idea how far a walk like that is???  I couldn't eat a thing but was glad to get the exercise.  The boys-not so much.  After dessert we walked clear back to our hotel near the new twin towers/memorial.

Total walking for the day?  Over 6 miles.

Next day we went to the James Beard award winning Sarabeth's for brunch.  We walked.  Then we walked to the pier for our water taxi tour around the Statue of Liberty.  We went from there to do the Twin Towers memorial and museum and off to do dinner at the Shake Shack.  Which was thankfully around the corner from our first hotel.

Next morning we packed up, went around the corner and had a "bagel" breakfast and then left for our next hotel-Sarah's timeshare across the city.

This was St. Patrick's day so we did some indoor things I can't remember.  I'm sure we used the subway though.  We got to see Grand Central Station and did a really fun tour called "The Ride"! Aidan was the hit of that tour.

Tuesday we took the subway to the Natural Museum of Natural History.  We found a breakfast place.  After 5-1/2 hours of walking and pure amazement at this fantastic place we took the subway to Time Square and walked to our show, "Aladdin".  It was fun to watch the boys sit at the edge of their seats!

We walked home.  Sarah totaled that day's walking at 10 miles.

Wednesday it wasn't only cold-it poured.  We did Chelsea Market and had dinner delivered to the room.  Thursday we did a lot more places and walking!  Our last day was Friday-we had scheduled a walking Chocolate tour and had breakfast in Chelsea Market at a place that owned its own dairy and made it's own yogurt and cheeses.  Obviously I was a bit out the loop on this one, but the coffee was excellent and they had great breads that they "borrowed" from Amy's Breads in the same area.  The last tour was fun and then we walked to Guy Fieri's for dinner.

I know I'm missing a heck of a lot-but trust me when I say we did more than I ever imagined any 4 people could do of this great and wonderful city!

My love and thanks to Sarah for including me-I only hope that this blog did the trip and my fun time justice!

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