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Friday, May 15, 2020


I See People

Here in the Grand canyon State things are starting to slightly open up!  Our sad, pathetic outlet mall up the street is more empty then ever.  Unfortunately, many of the stores had already closed.  Those that remain have either not opened or aren't planning to do so unless you have an appointment.

Steve and I did take the girls and go into the very empty parking lot just to walk around and see what was going on. What we found was two couples in the food court having a meal. And we actually saw a sanitation person doing his job. Out of what was left of a storefront only Calvin Klein, madaluxe and Coach by appointment only remain standing.

On the flip that,  we decided to venture out and enjoy some breakfast at the local Denny's.
Whoa, we saw real live people!!

as we walked in I saw a couple of friends from water aerobics enjoying breakfast.  Then our favorite waiter was back-albeit covered by a mask, gloves and a bandana, but it was Kyle. He was very happy to see us!

It was wonderful to just sit and have some breakfast that someone else was serving!

Steve and Adam still have not gone back to work, but the day is coming. it will be interesting to see how they can sell household decor through masks and gloves and what the procedures will be.

Here is to hoping that are new normal will be easy to adjust to and we can all enjoy being with family and friends very soon.

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